Thursday, 24 February 2011

Makeup Course Week 5

5 weeks have gone so quick! I honestly don’t know what I will do with myself when its finished, I am already dreading the fact that something I love doing so much is going to end!

I am constantly busy with it too, I don’t know where time goes, constantly writing or researching or doing someone’s makeup, I eat, sleep and breath makeup, I never realised how much would be involved, but like I say I love it! I have just put the final touches to my presentation on Alex Box for week 6...more on that after the presentation though!

I had a jam packed weekend so I stayed at my friends, my journey to college took under an hour! and I was home by 6:10 too...needless to say I was uber happy with that, I have been told that I can stay there whenever (as per normal then, I’m always staying there!) and I would be there this weekend if it wasn’t for other commitments!

Again this week we did 3 decades in one day, I would prefer to stretch the decades out, I adore them, I think I might look out for some sort of specalist decades course, take a trip to a few galleries with 40's and 50's art (any good places to go?)

We started with 60's inspired make up of course this is the era of Twiggy and one of my favourites Edie Sedgwick (Andy Warhol's muse, and my previous laptop background)


Edie Sedgwick

Makeup base was more natural letting freckles (which I am blessed with) show through, the focus were big doe eyes, with a exaggerated higher crease, painted on lashes heavy liner, with people wearing up to 3 sets of false lashes at a time! Brows tended to follow the natural brow, sometimes just groomed with a bit of powder and gel, and lips were nude a very popular lipstick was freckle which was a caramel nude.

I thought this look would be easy but getting the black crease smooth and in the right place was...well to put it bluntly a right barstard! I spent all my time taking off and reapplying getting more and more frustrated...I really need to practice this one, A LOT!

The PM session was kind of like last week in that we did 2 looks in one, starting with 80s and working back to 70's, this was a very fun and creative session but I still don’t think 2 looks in one session gives us enough time to get everything just how it should be.

70's icons included Jerry Hall and Faye Dunaway

Jerry Hall

Faye Dunaway
 The ultimate 80's icon was David Bowie aka Ziggy Stardust! and of course 80's wouldnt be complete without Debbie Harry

David Bowie

Debbie Harry

the 70's/80s was the birth of the hippy and towards the end the punks, it was all about heavy makeup, extremely contoured cheeks, healthy glowing skin high shine, think addicted to love and Dallas, everything was big, over the top and extreme. Colour was alive and the rules didn’t really apply!

I totally adored letting loose and doing this, I unfortunately didn’t get to do the Bowie bolt due to time restrictions but playing with pigments, lines and getting experimental was an absolute blast! I recommended these decades to anyone who wants to have fun and break the barriers we sometimes face when it comes to conforming to makeup looks!

Wacky looks are definitely a favourite of mine to do, this Saturday we are doing year 2000...I hope I don’t get done over like a kipper and come home looking like Jordan!



  1. sounds like a wonderful course lovely post I really enjoyed reading it :D

  2. Thanks Sketchy (feels weard calling you Wendy!)xxx

  3. don't worry you can call me sketchy :)


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