Wednesday, 23 March 2011

The Accident

Watching Katie Piper on Tuesday night made me want to tell you all a story that changed my life.

This is a story of a girl aged 8 was one day arguing with her older brother in the kitchen, the children has been arguing all day, and their mum had had enough, she came down the stairs with the dirty dishes from dinner and in a bid to get the attention of the brawling kids she slammed the bow china down on the table, as she did this one of the plates slid off the top of the pile and hit the floor.

As the plate hit the floor it shattered, and bounced off the lino, as it bounced it shattered further, in to many little pieces.

As bits of plate bounced around the room both the girl and boy attempted to shelter from the shards, using their arms and ducking down as the mum watched on in horror at what had just happened.

And in that instant the little girls life had changed...

When the dust had settled the mum ran towards the children, devastated that such a thing had happened, and saw that her little girl had taken the full force of the shattered plate, her face was bleeding, and she was wailing in agony. the mum realised that the little girl was profusely bleeding from her eye, scooped her up in her arms and ran to the neighbours house, who took them to the A&E. where she was swiftly transferred to a nearby eye hospital.

The doctors and nurses did all they could to save the young girls sight but after weeks of trying a decision had to be made. She could keep the eye and hope and pray it heals, but would never regain sight, and that any debris in that eye could travel to the other causing complete blindness. Or they could remove the now severely damaged eye and give her a prosthetic therefore saving the other eye in the process.

The Girls parents gave her the choice, and it was clear that having sight in one eye was going to be the best option, no one liked the risk of keeping both and going potentially blind.

So the operation to remove the damaged eye went ahead, and it was a success.

The girl was kept in hospital for over a year only being allowed home on Christmas day, her road to recovery took over 2 years, and she couldn't go to school for fear of infection. Isolated from most she grew up fast

When she went back to school it was as a girl who had to grow up fast so whilst everyone ran around like children do she would look on.

Over the years the girl spent a lot of time in and out of hospital having many operations.

You may have guessed by now that this girl is me

My Accident changed me for the better I believe, it made me the person I am today and without it who knows how I may have turned out, I may have been the bully instead of the bullied. I believe it has shaped me made me caring and very protective, made me more understanding of people, I guess that's why when I see people being taken the piss out of for anything I get all mother bear! My mum says I am an old head on young shoulders, without my accident and the people I met along the way I do believe I would have been far more immature and less understanding.

I am me because of my accident - you accept it or you walk away, those that walk away are not worthy of my time.

 A scar does not form on the dying. A scar means, I survived - Chris Cleave (author) 

I do hope that you take something from this story, I also hope I did it justice (I know that my writing may not be the best).



  1. Whether good or bad, everything that happens to us shapes us, and I think it takes a strong and special person to do as you have done and choose to take the positive forward and to see the good rather than dwell on what could have been or resent a situation that you cannot change, only use to the best of your ability.

    Picture at the bottom btw- beautiful.

  2. I think your writing was wonderful and your picture is absolutely lovely :)

  3. Sometimes the story is more important than how it's told (I say this as a writer :) ). I definitely agree that the things that happen to us in our lives effect us, and make us who we are, and I truly respect how brave and positive you've been.

    My older brother got some kind of bug (I've never really known what kind of bug) in his spine when he was about 11 (I was only 2, so I don't remember), and he's been in a wheelchair ever since (he's now 36), and I've always been amazed at how strong and positive about life he is. Sure, he might be "disabled", but he's a stronger person than I feel I'll ever be.

    I always think that if that had been me I'd have got all depressed and wouldn't have been able to cope, so I have such a huge respect for people that don't let themselves fall into a dark place!

    It makes you realise how strong we can be, when faced with a really bad situation!

  4. I loved your writing Lisa, you're such a brave woman, I watched that Katie Piper programme too and it had me in tears at some points in it. Keep doing what your doing, I think your an amazing person. Beautiful picture too xxxx

  5. Wow, you really are strong as well as beautiful :) you are very much right saying that the people that walk on arent worth your time.
    Thank you for sharing x

  6. Both heart-breaking and inspiring... it's crazy how one tiny moment or one silly decision can change the lives of people so dramatically, but also beautiful to see how you've survived, grown stronger and managed to remain positive too.

    Much love.

  7. This post was lovely to read in a way. I completely agree that things like this can shape you and sometimes for the better! I somehow randomly lost some of my hearing when I was around 5, and was given hearing aids that I will always need, forever. Obviously, they're for old people, blah blah blah, or so the bullies told me. But I'll never judge anybody, I'll always be open minded, and thats such an important trait!

    :) xxx


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