Monday, 14 February 2011

Makeup Course Week 4

Week 4 was a bit mental in all senses of the word

Firstly, I started my day with only a few hours sleep and a hangover, I had been so good for all the previous weeks but decided I could handle a few drinks during a meal..cut to 12:30 only just leaving the restaurant and having drunk a bottle of wine…Its obviously been a while as that bottle destroyed me and kept me awake tossing and turning most of the night.

We started the day with 30’s inspired makeup. A few movies stars of this era were Marlene Dietrich and Greta Garbo, by this point the movies were no longer silent.

Marlene Dietrich
Greta Garbo
30’s make up was a lot softer than the 20’s with fuller, higher brows that extended to the temples and fuller lips, the blush had moved from under the tops of the cheek bones to the apples, the idea was to make it look like they had been pinched, so a nice natural flush, adding a drop of colour. The use of blacks had faded and browns had become ever more popular giving a more natural look to the end result, all in all the 30’s was a lot softer, muted and fresh. A strong red lip was ever present. Also a tan became fashionable thanks to Coco Chanel!

I really enjoyed doing this look in fact I would say that my everyday makeup is probably 30’s inspired so I found this to be a strong plus for me when it came to applying the information we had received.

So that was the AM, on to the PM session which in my opinion was not the greatest of sessions and I think that most of my class would agree…on to that in a bit.

We moved on to 40’s and 50’s inspired makeup. A few movie stars of the 40’s were Hedy Lemarr and Rita Hayworth
Hedy Lemarr
Rita Hayworth

And of the 50’s who can forget two of the most beautiful women of all time Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn

Marilyn Monroe
Audrey Hepburn

40’s and 50’s were very similar with only slight tweaks in between, the fashion was to follow your natural brow, again eyes were using browns and topes. In the 40’s, the idea was that you had to look your best for your man who would be coming home from war. Always immaculately dressed and well presented to be perfectly turned out for when he would arrive home. contorting and highlighting became more popular with the introduction of Technicolor in the 50s, the foundation was thick and heavy, greasepaint esq (Max factor Pancake makeup) to give the illusion of the perfect skin, this was matted out with tons of powder.

So our teacher, who is a professional, took an hour and 15 minutes to complete the look of 40’s transitioning to 50’s

We were given 45 minutes each – not long enough for mere beginners! Suffice to say we didn’t finish and therefore I don’t feel like I really can say I can do 40’s/50’s makeup however I love the 50’s so will be practicing this on a few friends and family to see how I go!

My journey home took soooo long, over 2 and a half hours! This was due to me missing a train and delayed trains pair this with drunken rugby louts who asked me “shake ‘em in my face” it wasn’t fun at all, I did however meet this absolutely gorgeous gal 


  1. I'm very jealous of your make up course, it sounds like the best course, I love all that period drama stuff! Heehee! We've all been there with that bottle of plonk, lesson learned! (again) lol xx

  2. It really is amazing just wish we had more face time to do looks! I really badly love the 50's look!

    I will not be drinking again on a friday night whilst the course is running...Silly pea!


  3. Glad you course is doing well hun xx

  4. Oh i love all these amazing periods of makeup fashion! It's so glamourous! I wish i could go on a course like you. Sorry your journey back was so awful, that dog is adorable though!

  5. Thanks Sarah

    Lillian - How funny I just commented on your blog too! By far my most favorite eras...think they had the right idea, keep it simple and clean, its so elegant and sophisticated...a far cry from some of the butchered smokey eyes we see these days!

    Ahhh the journey is worth it for what its worth, all for the love




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