Monday, 28 February 2011

Makeup Course Week 6

Where does the time go? Seems like only yesterday I was spazzing out (technical term) about my first day and what a disaster it could be!

Slightly off page, I went to see my Osteopath today who I love, she is such a lovely lady, and she has seen me through a lot, anyway she was asking me about makeup and fake lashes and everything, I mentioned that I was thinking of getting in to the market of doing makeup lessons as a starting point along with prom/bridal, she was so positive, told me its an amazing starting point and, and AND that she wants to book me! I officially have my first PAYING client, all be it a few months away, she wants to do a Kate Middleton look so we have booked in for after the royal wedding! HOW JEFFING EXCITING IS THAT!

So I'm guessing if you read my last post you are expecting me to talk about my presentation and my year 2000 look...Well the presentation got delayed and in a turn of events we went all 90's, that was it we got to focus on one was great!

The 90's was all barbie doll looking Baywatch babes Pamela Anderson being the most prominent, also we saw the launch of one of the biggest TV shows, a TV show that shaped a generation (mine) and the gorgeous Jennifer Aniston (Brad you idiot!)

Couldn't resist a photo of Pammy in THAT swimsuit

Pamela Anderson

Jennifer Aniston
The 90's was all about having a tan, you know that saying "perma tan Pam" I'm sure that was a description if you wanted to look as tanned as Pamela Anderson, Sunbeds became the norm (my mum even had one...she kept it in my room!), muted tones were the basis for most looks, high contour and highlight, no blush, pink lips, and purple smokey eyes (apparently everyone was using blackberry by MAC). normally with a frosty pink in the centers and inner corners and of course the use of fake lashes was on the rise again, lastly the brows thin high and arched.

Pammy still sports this look today I think it is a timeless glamor look, I thought I would hate this look on me, I loved it I took lots of pics of me wearing it (some you can see in my post below this). this was one of the most fun looks so far because it was colourful rather than the constant use of shroom and cork!

I actually can see me wearing the 90's on a night out, it is a classic (and reminds me of being a teenager!) that I'm not sure will ever fade

That's it for the decades, I really want to focus some time and energy in to looking in to the decades further as I'm certain that there is more than one look for each (of course!)



  1. I agree, Brad you fool! I love Jennifer Aniston and took that exact picture with me to the hairdressers for the Rachel cut, it turned out nothing like it! Glad your enjoying your course hun and well done on the booking! Back of the net! lol xx

  2. I had that hair cut too (well kind of!)

    Back of the net indeed, its the first step on a marathon of a walk!


  3. I wanted that hair do!
    Well done on your first paid job, now that is amazing. I really hope it goes swimmingly for you! x

  4. really cute, and the whole photo-shoot is awesome! Great blog dear, congrats! Would you like to visit mine, and why not follow each-other? Let me know: makeup artist in Sydney


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