Thursday, 30 December 2010

Lisa's in Lust...

With this dress...

Dress Kate Moss @ Topshop was £150 now £75
This would be perfect for New Years...If you happen to see it and think it deserves a good home, please do send it this way!


Princess and the Playlist - Best of 2010

I honestly really didn't know where to start with a best of playlist, this year has been such a great year for music & I have such an eclectic taste that my year has been a mish mash of all genres!

I decided to reflect this mish mash in my best of 2010 playlist, hopefully there is something for everyone and maybe you'll find something you never heard before, fall in love with and have to own!

My playlist consists of a whopping 32 tracks, all are by different artists all are great songs in their own way, I'm not a music snob, I like what I like!

Lets kick this thing off!

I Need Air - Magnetic Man ft Angela Hunte
Quiet Little Voices - We Were Promised Jetpacks (completely under rated!)
Crystallised - The xx (winners of the Mercury Prize)
Katy On A Mission - Katy B (if you haven't heard this song, you live in a cave)
Sleepyhead - Passion Pit
Undercover Martyn - Two Door Cinema Club (I saw them live, I don't remember any of it, I have photos)
Ivy & Gold - Bombay Bicycle Club
Radar Detector - Darwin Deez (feel good awesomeness!)
Radioactive - Kings Of Leon
Many Of Horror - Biffy Clyro (Sell outs for giving X-Factor the rights to this)
O.N.E - Yeasayer (Amazing live)
Drunk Girls - LCD Soundsystem (this is my 2010 song!)
I Am Not A Robot - Marina & the Diamonds (style icon Marina hits all the right notes)
Telephone - Lady Gaga & Beyonce (the pop Queens!)
Airplanes, Part II - B.o.B ft Eminem and Hayley Williams
Liquid Confidence - You Me At Six
Find A Home - The Delays (I love these boys!)
Careful - Paramore
My First Kiss - 3Oh!3 ft Ke$ha (who needs a good scrub!)
Firework - Katy Perry
Cooler Than Me - Mike Posner
Only Girl (in The World) - Rihanna (possibly the sexiest lady of 2010?)
Parachute - Cheryl Cole
Just A Dream - Nelly (great comeback, reminds me of being a teen!)
Fader - The Temper Trap (screams SUMMER!)
Memories - Weezer (if you were at Reading festival you understand)
She Said - Plan B
Proof - I am Kloot (new find, new love!)
Gotton - Slash ft Adam Levine (I love slash, I love Adam, nuff said)
Your Song - Ellie Goulding
Science And Faith - The Script (great second album)
Wonderful Life - Hurts

Click Here to get the playlist, and don't forget to subscribe!

And if you don't have Spotify, why not, its legal and free! get it HERE!
Oh and this is what I was doing during Two Door Cinema Club

Happy New Year 

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Eternal Singledom?

I make no secret of the fact that I like being single, (I'm no Bridget Jones) but recently I met a guy who I thought I could accept in to my world and hang up my single shoes.

He was perfect, funny, witty, handsome and we had so much in common, he was the first guy in ages that I really clicked with! Our first fate consisted of lots of giggles and what I considered great chemistry.

So Monday we were supposed to go on a date, everything had been going well, we had talked every day, I even saved him a Christmas cupcake (big deal for me). 2pm comes and he confirms that he will pick me up at 7pm for diner and cocktails...I was so excited to see him, I had been waiting all Christmas to see him after all!

When I got out of the shower after a good old pampering (ladies you know what goes on, guys I'm not going to go in to detail!) I did not expect to see the following text:

"Look Lisa, I have to be honest with you, my life is massively complicated right now and I don't want to string you along. I've got to get my head straight before I can carry on with this, deal with some shit in my life and clean it up. Can you understand if I say I need some thinking time? I'm so sorry. X"


Now that was at 3:15 so what in Gods name happened in those 75 minutes? did he find out how much I spend on makeup a month or how I hog the bed, I mean really within 75 minutes something big must of happened right? And if he had been thinking this for a while why did he string me along up until the last minute, I could have spent my time more effectively elsewhere, not only did he let me down but I could have gone to see family that day if it weren't for out "date"!

I am starting to think I should stop dating, men are turning in to women in a lot of cases and the ones who I do like tend to be the sort who really couldn't care less.

Whatever happened I am more baffled than ever by the male population, and will be kissing no one at midnight on NYE (well no one I know of yet!).

This Princess is still to find her prince, any tips?


New Years NOTD

I wanted something sophisticated and not overtly festive for my New Years Eve nails, Please again forgive the state of my nails!

For this look I used my 5 in 1 Rimmel base coat & 2 coats of Nails inc The Vale, in the pics I haven't applied a top coat but will use a coat of my Rimmel.

For my ring finger I used as above but added a coat of Nails inc Shelton Street, I like that this adds a twist on a otherwise beautiful but plain mani

Happy New Year

Friday, 24 December 2010

The Gift of Giving - Shelter

Tonight I was sitting down in my warm cosy house, wine in hand thinking of all the crappy presents I had received in Christmas' past, cheap bubble bath that brought me out in a rash, anyone?

I then thought to myself, it could be worse...this lead me to the Shelter web page, now this is not exactly festive reading but it really makes you realise how good you have it.

I read a rather disturbing fact on the Shelter website that I would like to share with you

More than 71,000 children will wake up this Christmas in temporary accommodation without the safety and security of a home to call their own, Shelter said today.

This fact made me shiver...I never would have imagined this figure to be higher than say 10,000

My Dad gave me some money for Christmas and I decided to donate a portion of it to shelter, I'm not trying to be a martyr but it did make me feel good knowing that I have helped make a difference. 

If you would like to donate or do something fun for charity please visit


Thursday, 23 December 2010

NOTD - Mistletoe Kisses

My nails aren't all that, I don't take the best care of them but I got asked by the lovely @tsunimee to share this Christmas manicure

For this look I used my Rimmel 5 in 1 base coat, a coat of Models Own Green Tea, 2 coats of China Glaze Mistletoe kisses and another coat of the Rimmel.

Think you will all agree this is a lovely little festive look that's not too in your face, and perfect for a pea green pod like me!

Merry Christmas

Self Gifting - Cinnamon Siena

As a single girl, I don't have a significant other to buy for or one who buys for me...Big Ahhhhh!

Actually for me this isn't a problem, last year being single enabled me to take a trip of a life time, this year my present to myself was slightly less extravagant.

I finally brought the Filofax of my dreams after a long time of pining, offering lap dances to Filofax (I really did too several tweeps can verify this!) I decided after talking to a few of my enablers that I would do it, I would part with 79.20 of my hard earned pounds...For. A. Filofax (pocket size too)

Cinnamon Siena is vintage-look leather, fashionable, luxurious, practical, looks & smells amazing plus came beautifully packaged

Was it worth it? Well judge for yourself, however the fact that I near cried when I opened it and I haven't stopped smiling since probably gives you your really is that stunning!

I'm in love, who says you need a man at Christmas!

Already planning my year ahead!


Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Wine Wednesday

For all the lovers of wine everywhere, there is a new law...I can officially announce it is



Cheers & Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Princess and the Playlist - Its Christmas!

*WARNING - The word Christmas is heavily featured in this post*

I love me a good Christmas song! 

I have mixed some modern songs old classics to create this playlist...I will be playing this Christmas day for sure! 

Its Christmas Playlist 

Christmas (Baby Please Come home) - Darlene Love (Thanks @paulie_woo for sugesting this cracker)
Is This Christmas - The Wombats
Last Christmas - Wham!
Christmas Lights - Coldplay
Step In To Christmas - Elton John
All I Want For Christmas Is New Years Day - Hurts (Thanks @ChrisPJMartin, adore this song!)
Christmas Wrapping - The Waitresses
Let it Snow - Michael Buble 
Santa Baby - Kylie Minogue
All I Want For Christmas Is You - Mariah Carey
Merry Christmas (I Don't Wanna Fight Tonight) - Ramones
Fairytale Of New York - The Pogues
Merry Christmas, Baby - Christina Aguilera

Click Here to get the playlist, and don't forget to subscribe! 

And if you don't have Spotify, why not, its legal and free! get it HERE!
I'm planing to do a weekly playlist, so any ideas for themes or songs please comment (or tweet) and I will take them in to consideration!


Monday, 20 December 2010

Travalo - The Refillable Mini Perfume Bottle

Yesterday, helping Mum with her Christmas shopping was a nightmare, the reason I did mine all online and early was to avoid the masses of last minute shoppers and yet somehow I got talked in to helping her, I did however find in the Fragrance Shop something that I simply had to have.

As a woman I already have masses of kit in my bag from an umbrella, approximately 6 lip glosses/balms, hand cream to name it, I probably have it to hand...the one thing I hate lugging about is my heavy glass bottle of expensive perfume, its a pain in the shoulder, dangerous and not at all practical if I am using anything less than my satchel, so you can imagine my excitement to find a refillable mini perfume bottle!

I have never seen a Travalo and the handsome gent at the counter didn't have to hard sell, it sold itself... lightweight, Airplane safe, easy to use and you can put any fragrance you like in it!

Here is my mini photo guide on how to decanter your favourite perfume (my current is Hugo Boss Orange) in to the Travalo

Travalo packaging
Remove the nozzle from your perfume
Connect the bottom of the Travalo with the bottle and pump to fill
The transparent window will show how full it is
You are then ready to spritz away!
Travalo holds 50 sprays and is currently on offer for £7.99 in The Fragrance Shop

If you aren't in the UK please see for prices and stockist


Sunday, 19 December 2010

Princess and the Playlist - Week 1

Music plays a massive part in my life, anyone who knows me knows I would rather spend my time listening to random songs on spotify than watch TV

Earlier this week I asked for all the lovely people of Twitter to suggest a song for my first Playlist of the week, I don't have a massive following but my Tweeps never disappoint and make for an eclectic mix of song choices, and I can safely say I love all the suggestions!

Firstly there were a few that weren't on Spotify much to my disappointment
@bicky_ Sugested the massive hit that is Whip My Hair - Willow 

Now on to what made it on to the Spotify Playlist (all songs are in the order I received the requests...just to shake it up a bit)

@drew692 Farewell To The Fairground - White Lies
@jaynee_t Corner - Allie Moss 
@bongbrummie Radiation - I Am Kloot 
Me @Poddington_Pea In My Bed - Edei
@georgiasspts Have You Ever Seen The Rain - Credence Clearwater Revival (I absolutely love this choice)
@terrimccrum Dream Catch Me - Newton Falkner
@LoupDLoup  The Bones Of You - Elbow
@MsMagic Old White Lincoln - The Gaslight Anthem 
@ChrisPJMartin  Inhaler - Miles Kane
@paulie_woo  Boyfriend - Best Coast
@NicolaLH  Clockworks - This Morning Call
Click Here to get the playlist, and don't forget to subscribe!

And if you don't have Spotify, why not, its legal and free! get it HERE
Thank you to all who took part, its been great to see some music love! 
What do you think, I'm hoping to do a weekly playlist, so any ideas for themes or songs please comment and I will take them in to consideration!


Saturday, 18 December 2010

s(NO!)w Day

The white stuff today has kept me from going on a second date with a guy I really like, I woke up cursing said white stuff

View from my window
But its really pretty, and I got to spend some quality time with my mum...we laughed & we cried over those we miss at this time of year...Oh and I made her try on my hat, which made us laugh even more

Mum and the noddy hat as she calls it

I proceeded to show her how I rock it, and my ability to strike a stupid pose

Idiot, much!
I got some wonderful, unexpected pressies in the post, the first ones to make it under the tree!

Oooo exciting!
It stopped snowing...bit to late to save my date, but good things come to those who wait...I hope


We experienced a mini power cut, and now I'm sat waiting for my lasagna to cook

Laptop look

Boy what a day that tuned out to be, not what I expected at all...Rough and smooth, pain and joy, but you know what, I am so glad to have had those moments with my mum, sometimes (even if you don't realise it) you just need a cuppa and some bourbons with the ones you love, simple pleasures.


The Kindness of Strangers

I have friends, amazing ones that I wouldn't be without, and some not so amazing who seem to make my life hard at times.

This year I have found some of my most prized friends are those that I haven't actually had the privilege to meet in real life, this year my "virtual" friends have blown me away with their kindness and today was no exception, I received two parcels both with gifts from friends that I had made through a facebook page for cosmetics company elf (eyes lips face), I may have welled up a bit when I opened these parcels, because I cant believe that people I have never met could care so much for little old me, especially when some of the people in my "real" life couldn't care less.

Me and my twitter buddies talk practically everyday, they are there through the highs and lows, they "see" a lot more of me and seem to understand me when my friends may not. there is no hiding how I feel with these girls, they know when something isn't right, they are objective, thoughtful and above all they listen.

People often think its strange to be such good friends with someone you have never met, A year ago before I went to Australia, alone in Byron Bay, I would have said the same thing "Arrrggghhh stranger danger get away from me you freak" or something along those lines! But you have to realise, we were all strangers can you move on with life if you cant make new friends? You can't and that's why, these days I open my door to anyone who wants to talk or be my friend (much to my mothers despair when it comes to the male population, she thinks all men are going to attack me)

So this post is a thank you to all my lovely friends that I have made online this are all amazing, you have made me laugh when I was feeling blue, you have made me cry with your stories, you have made me a better, more understanding person, you have helped me open up and realise its OK to be me...I love you all dearly and wouldn't be without you, warts and all!


Wednesday, 15 December 2010


I am a hoarder, I keep everything, from the jewelry box my dad made for my great grandma (Old Nana, who was the greatest) to boxes...empty boxes!

When thinking of the one thing I could never be without it is a reminder of my trip to Australia, a tatty $5 bracelet (from Sporty Girl) that is lucky to have survived this long! It has been a year since I was in Australia, and I have worn this bracelet everyday without fail.

My $5 bracelet I cant live without
I cant imagine being without it, every time I look at it I remember my time in Oz and my desire to go back for longer and really travel it, it spurs me on and makes me realise why I am working so hard, it tells me to have hope and believe in my dreams!

I dread the day it breaks which it inevitably will, I sometimes think I should stop wearing it and put it somewhere safe, but out of sight out of mind and I feel it would loose all meaning, I love it and will wear it until it breaks, at which point I will cry like a baby who wants its dummy.

What is the one thing that you couldn't part with? what item means the world to you? 


Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Nearly New Year, New Start

This blog is my new years resolution, I know its not the new year yet, what can I say, I was keen!

The name of this blog came to me one drunken drunken I walked in to a bookcase, bruised my hip and chest plus told all my friends something I shouldn't have...anyway come the end of the night I'm laying on my friends sofa, room spinning and it just came to me, my thought process was

"I need a blog name that means something"
"I don't feel too good"

I ran through a few in my head, all as bad as the next then, out of the blue it was there

"Princess and the Pea!"

One of my dearest friends calls me Lady Poddington because I used to always wear green...It just seemed perfectly apt (if you don't know what I'm on about you need to see this), and so Princess and the Pea was born.

So thought I would start with a little about me and what you can expect from this blog

This blog was inspired by my need to write more than just another beauty blog I wanted something I could inject my personality in to, I wanted a lifestyle blog about my (extra) ordinary life! 

I love all things artistic, my main passion is my desire to become a makeup artist, I have funded a course which I start at the end of January 2011, I'm sure you will hear more about that in coming blog posts

I adore music and any suggestions for bands to listen to are always welcome...I listen to anything, I wouldn't say I have a certain genre I favor more than the other. 

I am single, I am always dating, I think I'm dating the wrong people but I know it will eventually lead to the right one, in the meantime I enjoy (yes that's right) dating and my single life. I do however hate my friends trying to match make for me!

I defiantly have a sense of humor when it comes to my stupidity and accident prone status, I share regular fortune fails on twitter, you can find me here Poddington Pea

Things may get a little personal (not graphic or nasty!) on here, I want to be able to express myself and let you in on my goings on, I want to feel like I can say whatever I'm thinking and you will accept me for me.

Above all I am friendly, sweet and caring...Please don't vomit its true!

Heres to a brand spanking New Year and new start

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