Saturday, 18 December 2010

The Kindness of Strangers

I have friends, amazing ones that I wouldn't be without, and some not so amazing who seem to make my life hard at times.

This year I have found some of my most prized friends are those that I haven't actually had the privilege to meet in real life, this year my "virtual" friends have blown me away with their kindness and today was no exception, I received two parcels both with gifts from friends that I had made through a facebook page for cosmetics company elf (eyes lips face), I may have welled up a bit when I opened these parcels, because I cant believe that people I have never met could care so much for little old me, especially when some of the people in my "real" life couldn't care less.

Me and my twitter buddies talk practically everyday, they are there through the highs and lows, they "see" a lot more of me and seem to understand me when my friends may not. there is no hiding how I feel with these girls, they know when something isn't right, they are objective, thoughtful and above all they listen.

People often think its strange to be such good friends with someone you have never met, A year ago before I went to Australia, alone in Byron Bay, I would have said the same thing "Arrrggghhh stranger danger get away from me you freak" or something along those lines! But you have to realise, we were all strangers can you move on with life if you cant make new friends? You can't and that's why, these days I open my door to anyone who wants to talk or be my friend (much to my mothers despair when it comes to the male population, she thinks all men are going to attack me)

So this post is a thank you to all my lovely friends that I have made online this are all amazing, you have made me laugh when I was feeling blue, you have made me cry with your stories, you have made me a better, more understanding person, you have helped me open up and realise its OK to be me...I love you all dearly and wouldn't be without you, warts and all!


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