Monday, 20 December 2010

Travalo - The Refillable Mini Perfume Bottle

Yesterday, helping Mum with her Christmas shopping was a nightmare, the reason I did mine all online and early was to avoid the masses of last minute shoppers and yet somehow I got talked in to helping her, I did however find in the Fragrance Shop something that I simply had to have.

As a woman I already have masses of kit in my bag from an umbrella, approximately 6 lip glosses/balms, hand cream to name it, I probably have it to hand...the one thing I hate lugging about is my heavy glass bottle of expensive perfume, its a pain in the shoulder, dangerous and not at all practical if I am using anything less than my satchel, so you can imagine my excitement to find a refillable mini perfume bottle!

I have never seen a Travalo and the handsome gent at the counter didn't have to hard sell, it sold itself... lightweight, Airplane safe, easy to use and you can put any fragrance you like in it!

Here is my mini photo guide on how to decanter your favourite perfume (my current is Hugo Boss Orange) in to the Travalo

Travalo packaging
Remove the nozzle from your perfume
Connect the bottom of the Travalo with the bottle and pump to fill
The transparent window will show how full it is
You are then ready to spritz away!
Travalo holds 50 sprays and is currently on offer for £7.99 in The Fragrance Shop

If you aren't in the UK please see for prices and stockist


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