Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Nearly New Year, New Start

This blog is my new years resolution, I know its not the new year yet, what can I say, I was keen!

The name of this blog came to me one drunken night...so drunken I walked in to a bookcase, bruised my hip and chest plus told all my friends something I shouldn't have...anyway come the end of the night I'm laying on my friends sofa, room spinning and it just came to me, my thought process was

"I need a blog name that means something"
"I don't feel too good"

I ran through a few in my head, all as bad as the next then, out of the blue it was there

"Princess and the Pea!"

One of my dearest friends calls me Lady Poddington because I used to always wear green...It just seemed perfectly apt (if you don't know what I'm on about you need to see this), and so Princess and the Pea was born.

So thought I would start with a little about me and what you can expect from this blog

This blog was inspired by my need to write more than just another beauty blog I wanted something I could inject my personality in to, I wanted a lifestyle blog about my (extra) ordinary life! 

I love all things artistic, my main passion is my desire to become a makeup artist, I have funded a course which I start at the end of January 2011, I'm sure you will hear more about that in coming blog posts

I adore music and any suggestions for bands to listen to are always welcome...I listen to anything, I wouldn't say I have a certain genre I favor more than the other. 

I am single, I am always dating, I think I'm dating the wrong people but I know it will eventually lead to the right one, in the meantime I enjoy (yes that's right) dating and my single life. I do however hate my friends trying to match make for me!

I defiantly have a sense of humor when it comes to my stupidity and accident prone status, I share regular fortune fails on twitter, you can find me here Poddington Pea

Things may get a little personal (not graphic or nasty!) on here, I want to be able to express myself and let you in on my goings on, I want to feel like I can say whatever I'm thinking and you will accept me for me.

Above all I am friendly, sweet and caring...Please don't vomit its true!

Heres to a brand spanking New Year and new start


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