Monday, 28 February 2011

Makeup Course Week 6

Where does the time go? Seems like only yesterday I was spazzing out (technical term) about my first day and what a disaster it could be!

Slightly off page, I went to see my Osteopath today who I love, she is such a lovely lady, and she has seen me through a lot, anyway she was asking me about makeup and fake lashes and everything, I mentioned that I was thinking of getting in to the market of doing makeup lessons as a starting point along with prom/bridal, she was so positive, told me its an amazing starting point and, and AND that she wants to book me! I officially have my first PAYING client, all be it a few months away, she wants to do a Kate Middleton look so we have booked in for after the royal wedding! HOW JEFFING EXCITING IS THAT!

So I'm guessing if you read my last post you are expecting me to talk about my presentation and my year 2000 look...Well the presentation got delayed and in a turn of events we went all 90's, that was it we got to focus on one was great!

The 90's was all barbie doll looking Baywatch babes Pamela Anderson being the most prominent, also we saw the launch of one of the biggest TV shows, a TV show that shaped a generation (mine) and the gorgeous Jennifer Aniston (Brad you idiot!)

Couldn't resist a photo of Pammy in THAT swimsuit

Pamela Anderson

Jennifer Aniston
The 90's was all about having a tan, you know that saying "perma tan Pam" I'm sure that was a description if you wanted to look as tanned as Pamela Anderson, Sunbeds became the norm (my mum even had one...she kept it in my room!), muted tones were the basis for most looks, high contour and highlight, no blush, pink lips, and purple smokey eyes (apparently everyone was using blackberry by MAC). normally with a frosty pink in the centers and inner corners and of course the use of fake lashes was on the rise again, lastly the brows thin high and arched.

Pammy still sports this look today I think it is a timeless glamor look, I thought I would hate this look on me, I loved it I took lots of pics of me wearing it (some you can see in my post below this). this was one of the most fun looks so far because it was colourful rather than the constant use of shroom and cork!

I actually can see me wearing the 90's on a night out, it is a classic (and reminds me of being a teenager!) that I'm not sure will ever fade

That's it for the decades, I really want to focus some time and energy in to looking in to the decades further as I'm certain that there is more than one look for each (of course!)


Sunday, 27 February 2011

I'm A Real Fake Ginger At Last!

I went to the hairdressers on Monday with the intent of getting more ginger highlights but I got there and I was very much "lets just do this!"

So a few bleach baths, a lot of Shinny Penny Tint and 3 hours in the hot seat later I am officially a real fake ginger

I love it, like I knew I would!

I would like it more of a copper ginger but that will have to wait until I grow out the bits that were already coloured dark, it has lifted so much though considering I used to dye my hair nearly black!

I love being a ginger ninja!


Princess and the Playlist - Week 6

I haven't posted a playlist for a few weeks, I have kind of been a little bit busy working 5 days a week, going to college on Saturdays and trying to see friends and family! yep I am a little stretched to say the least however hoping to get back on track in the coming weeks.

I have a rather huge obsession with a certain Bajan lady which lead me to look at the modern day diva. A diva is a celebrated female singer, I hope you agree with my choices!

Click here to get the playlist, and don't forget to subscribe!

Complicated - Rihanna- stating things off with my favourite little lady, could have gone for an obvious choice here but I love this album track, I love that she has a bit of attitude too all round I love her, I want to be her, I would turn for her

Smash In To You - Beyonce - This is my favourite Beyonce track, even in a ballad her voice is so powerful, the woman has such control, must be all that running her dad made her do...

Already Gone - Kelly Clarkson - I have always adored Kelly Clarkson, she is the kind of down to earth diva, ultra talented but grounded

Fucking Perfect - P!nk - An alternative kind of mick take of a diva, such an incredible vocal talent

You Lost Me - Christina Aguilera - The super sexy 50's siren reincarnated diva, Anyone who doesn't like her should be shot!

Hold It Against Me - Britney Spears - OK so she is mental but she is a media machine a Madonna of our time in that she isn't amazing but knows how to work the press and keep herself in the spotlight, even if it means going bald for a while!

Make You Feel My Love - Adele - I could never imagine if I bumped in to Adele on a night out, that her vocals would be so amazing, I still can't believe its her to be honest!

Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart - Alicia Keys - I remember hearing her first song Fallin' and thinking "this girl is going to be massive" 10 years later she is proving me right

The Flood - Cheryl Cole - I think this will be a controversial one but I have said it before, I really like her and she again is a marketing machine, you need that to stay fresh sometimes in this industry

Alejandro - Lady Gaga - She is proper nuts, her outfits are insane(ly awful) but her talent soars above everything I hate

Your Love Is My Drug - Ke$ha - The girl is a dirty diva and not in a good way, I want to scrub her till her skin is all shiny but I cant help but enjoy her records

Price Tag - Jessie J - Up until about 2 weeks ago I hated Jessie J, but I have to admit that I caved and totally cannot stop singing this ruddy song!

Click here to get the playlist, and don't forget to subscribe!

And if you don't have Spotify, why not, its legal and free! get it HERE!
 So what do you think? have I missed off any of your favourite divas? let me know! 

Hope you enjoy, if you have any ideas for any themes let me know, also if you would like to submit a memory lane playlist like I did in week 2 please mail or tweet me, lets talk music people! 


Lust Haves

A few things that I am so wanting right now...

Black Bandage Over Knee Tights - Topshop £8.50

Ladies Cowboy Square Boot Peacocks £14 (half price!)

Pink Unicorn Ring Miss Selfridge £10

Cuckoo Clock Necklace Temporary Secretary £14

I have been meaning to buy the Cuckoo necklace for ages, it reminds me of my great grandma who we called granny cuckoo because of her love of cuckoo clocks!


Thursday, 24 February 2011

Makeup Course Week 5

5 weeks have gone so quick! I honestly don’t know what I will do with myself when its finished, I am already dreading the fact that something I love doing so much is going to end!

I am constantly busy with it too, I don’t know where time goes, constantly writing or researching or doing someone’s makeup, I eat, sleep and breath makeup, I never realised how much would be involved, but like I say I love it! I have just put the final touches to my presentation on Alex Box for week 6...more on that after the presentation though!

I had a jam packed weekend so I stayed at my friends, my journey to college took under an hour! and I was home by 6:10 too...needless to say I was uber happy with that, I have been told that I can stay there whenever (as per normal then, I’m always staying there!) and I would be there this weekend if it wasn’t for other commitments!

Again this week we did 3 decades in one day, I would prefer to stretch the decades out, I adore them, I think I might look out for some sort of specalist decades course, take a trip to a few galleries with 40's and 50's art (any good places to go?)

We started with 60's inspired make up of course this is the era of Twiggy and one of my favourites Edie Sedgwick (Andy Warhol's muse, and my previous laptop background)


Edie Sedgwick

Makeup base was more natural letting freckles (which I am blessed with) show through, the focus were big doe eyes, with a exaggerated higher crease, painted on lashes heavy liner, with people wearing up to 3 sets of false lashes at a time! Brows tended to follow the natural brow, sometimes just groomed with a bit of powder and gel, and lips were nude a very popular lipstick was freckle which was a caramel nude.

I thought this look would be easy but getting the black crease smooth and in the right place was...well to put it bluntly a right barstard! I spent all my time taking off and reapplying getting more and more frustrated...I really need to practice this one, A LOT!

The PM session was kind of like last week in that we did 2 looks in one, starting with 80s and working back to 70's, this was a very fun and creative session but I still don’t think 2 looks in one session gives us enough time to get everything just how it should be.

70's icons included Jerry Hall and Faye Dunaway

Jerry Hall

Faye Dunaway
 The ultimate 80's icon was David Bowie aka Ziggy Stardust! and of course 80's wouldnt be complete without Debbie Harry

David Bowie

Debbie Harry

the 70's/80s was the birth of the hippy and towards the end the punks, it was all about heavy makeup, extremely contoured cheeks, healthy glowing skin high shine, think addicted to love and Dallas, everything was big, over the top and extreme. Colour was alive and the rules didn’t really apply!

I totally adored letting loose and doing this, I unfortunately didn’t get to do the Bowie bolt due to time restrictions but playing with pigments, lines and getting experimental was an absolute blast! I recommended these decades to anyone who wants to have fun and break the barriers we sometimes face when it comes to conforming to makeup looks!

Wacky looks are definitely a favourite of mine to do, this Saturday we are doing year 2000...I hope I don’t get done over like a kipper and come home looking like Jordan!


Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Weepy Wednesday

I did plan to write about college today but, I had to wave of one of my best friends to Australia today so I am in a bit of a weepy mood and not really in the happiest of places.

You know one of those days where one event (bessie leaving work and the country) just triggers a complete breakdown, you start to think of all the crappy things and how if it wasn't for those in the way that everything would be perfect, when that little voice inside you is just screaming at you...Yeah that...


Tuesday, 22 February 2011

I Can't Live if Living is Without...


I have a B12 deficiency as it is which I have to have a shot for every 3 months. B12 is very important for making red blood cells, low levels of B12 cause the number of red blood cells to deplete, the ones that are made are normally abnormally large and do not last as long, this means that your organs don't get the amount of oxygen they need leading to a form of anemia. Anemia can make you very tired and make you feel like someone has put a wet blanket over your shoulders, I find I can feel aches right to my core and can get so tired I feel sick.

I wont go all medical on you but B12 deficiency is a serious condition and without diagnosis can cause serious health issues, for more information I recommend a little light reading on the Bupa website!

Anyway back to Berocca!

Berocca is an effervescent tablet that you dissolve in a glass of water, I find it is the perfect tonic to kick start my day and makes me stop to have a glass of water before I even start the day which in its self is a good thing. Berocca is full of high doses of a few vital vitamins including B12 and I feel that taking Berocca boosts my B12 levels so I don't feel as lethargic.

Since taking it I have noticed my energy levels are higher, my memory is a lot better, I am more focused and able to get more done!

Some might see this as a placebo saying that you pee out most of the vitamins as at high levels the body doesn't absorb all the vitamins however if it makes you feel better, placebo or not, its a good thing right?

I personally love the stuff, I favour the tropical flavor, the only side affect I have noticed is that (and I'm sorry if this is a little graphic) my pee is bright yellow like the tropical colour of the drink!

Do you take Berocca? do you think its all a hype?  Can a tablet really change your day?

Berocca is currently on offer in Sainsbury 3 for 2


Sunday, 20 February 2011

Down at the Farm

I often spend time down at a farm helping my friend with her horses

I love it there, you can forget all your problems, forget about life and just get down to some good, old fashioned graft, I even enjoy mucking out!

I was at the farm all day today and took some photos so thought I would share some with you both old and new

Tom and Jerry, absolutely insane

My favourite Pygmy goat, he is a heart breaker

The rapeseed field

Sasha (fierce) messing up a stable bed...Thanks!

I love the cows


Donkey and his pal watching my friend ride

Blue (I call him bo bo) my friends horse

(Lady) Teepee my friends other horse and my best friend on the farm
I wish I could explain the personalities of all these animals, especially the horses, they are like people in fact more intelligent than some people and so amusing!

Hope you enjoy! Have you been taking any snaps recently?


Thursday, 17 February 2011

Tabio Tight Tights

If you know me you will know that I never wear you filthy buggers I don't walk around in just my knickers!

I am quite short, I have big thighs and a hourglass figure and as such I find that I can not get a pair of trousers that fit me perfectly, most of the time they are too long and if they fit my thighs they are baggy on the waist so I came to the conclusion that I do not suit trousers, I gave up, so now I wear cute little dresses, shorts and funky tops always paired with leggings or tights.

I love a good pair of tights! I own far too many pairs! my favorite being, well basically the whole Tabio range! Tabio are award wining tights specialist store originating from Japan with 8 UK stores including locations in Harrods and Selfridges as well as a web shop (linkage below)

they make the most comfortable, beautiful tights I have ever owned and well worth paying the slightly higher prices in my opinion I have not found any tights that are as high a quality as Tabio tights, they wash extremely well not bobbling or falling apart, and above all they look amazing, some of the designs are to die for, ok you might be able to get a pair of rose print tights from Primark but i guarantee you that they will not look half as detailed as a pair from Tabio.

And my favourite pair, the pair that I have convinced quite a few people that they need in their lives

Lush leg coverings!

My gorgeous suspender tights £18 - perfect for every occasion and super sexy...J'adore!

You can visit and buy online at


Wednesday, 16 February 2011

You're So Vain You Probably Think This Post Is About You

This is basically a quick "Sorry I haven't posted much this week" what can I say I have been a busy girl and as I am away this weekend from Friday I'm having to squeeze in everything I normally do and then some!

Some people think I'm vain, they are probably right, I like taking photos of everything including myself...When taking photos of myself I always seem to take a few of me looking like a doofus, so my Wednesday treat to you is one of my silly faces, taken on the train when I was hungover...Enjoy!

Gissss us a kiss

Monday, 14 February 2011

Makeup Course Week 4

Week 4 was a bit mental in all senses of the word

Firstly, I started my day with only a few hours sleep and a hangover, I had been so good for all the previous weeks but decided I could handle a few drinks during a meal..cut to 12:30 only just leaving the restaurant and having drunk a bottle of wine…Its obviously been a while as that bottle destroyed me and kept me awake tossing and turning most of the night.

We started the day with 30’s inspired makeup. A few movies stars of this era were Marlene Dietrich and Greta Garbo, by this point the movies were no longer silent.

Marlene Dietrich
Greta Garbo
30’s make up was a lot softer than the 20’s with fuller, higher brows that extended to the temples and fuller lips, the blush had moved from under the tops of the cheek bones to the apples, the idea was to make it look like they had been pinched, so a nice natural flush, adding a drop of colour. The use of blacks had faded and browns had become ever more popular giving a more natural look to the end result, all in all the 30’s was a lot softer, muted and fresh. A strong red lip was ever present. Also a tan became fashionable thanks to Coco Chanel!

I really enjoyed doing this look in fact I would say that my everyday makeup is probably 30’s inspired so I found this to be a strong plus for me when it came to applying the information we had received.

So that was the AM, on to the PM session which in my opinion was not the greatest of sessions and I think that most of my class would agree…on to that in a bit.

We moved on to 40’s and 50’s inspired makeup. A few movie stars of the 40’s were Hedy Lemarr and Rita Hayworth
Hedy Lemarr
Rita Hayworth

And of the 50’s who can forget two of the most beautiful women of all time Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn

Marilyn Monroe
Audrey Hepburn

40’s and 50’s were very similar with only slight tweaks in between, the fashion was to follow your natural brow, again eyes were using browns and topes. In the 40’s, the idea was that you had to look your best for your man who would be coming home from war. Always immaculately dressed and well presented to be perfectly turned out for when he would arrive home. contorting and highlighting became more popular with the introduction of Technicolor in the 50s, the foundation was thick and heavy, greasepaint esq (Max factor Pancake makeup) to give the illusion of the perfect skin, this was matted out with tons of powder.

So our teacher, who is a professional, took an hour and 15 minutes to complete the look of 40’s transitioning to 50’s

We were given 45 minutes each – not long enough for mere beginners! Suffice to say we didn’t finish and therefore I don’t feel like I really can say I can do 40’s/50’s makeup however I love the 50’s so will be practicing this on a few friends and family to see how I go!

My journey home took soooo long, over 2 and a half hours! This was due to me missing a train and delayed trains pair this with drunken rugby louts who asked me “shake ‘em in my face” it wasn’t fun at all, I did however meet this absolutely gorgeous gal 
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