Tuesday, 22 February 2011

I Can't Live if Living is Without...


I have a B12 deficiency as it is which I have to have a shot for every 3 months. B12 is very important for making red blood cells, low levels of B12 cause the number of red blood cells to deplete, the ones that are made are normally abnormally large and do not last as long, this means that your organs don't get the amount of oxygen they need leading to a form of anemia. Anemia can make you very tired and make you feel like someone has put a wet blanket over your shoulders, I find I can feel aches right to my core and can get so tired I feel sick.

I wont go all medical on you but B12 deficiency is a serious condition and without diagnosis can cause serious health issues, for more information I recommend a little light reading on the Bupa website!

Anyway back to Berocca!

Berocca is an effervescent tablet that you dissolve in a glass of water, I find it is the perfect tonic to kick start my day and makes me stop to have a glass of water before I even start the day which in its self is a good thing. Berocca is full of high doses of a few vital vitamins including B12 and I feel that taking Berocca boosts my B12 levels so I don't feel as lethargic.

Since taking it I have noticed my energy levels are higher, my memory is a lot better, I am more focused and able to get more done!

Some might see this as a placebo saying that you pee out most of the vitamins as at high levels the body doesn't absorb all the vitamins however if it makes you feel better, placebo or not, its a good thing right?

I personally love the stuff, I favour the tropical flavor, the only side affect I have noticed is that (and I'm sorry if this is a little graphic) my pee is bright yellow like the tropical colour of the drink!

Do you take Berocca? do you think its all a hype?  Can a tablet really change your day?

Berocca is currently on offer in Sainsbury 3 for 2



  1. Thanks for this. Perniscious is hereditary in my family, and I'm headed right for it with steadily dropping B12, this is awesome to know about!

  2. It is quite a common problem by all accounts, It can be hard to deal with at times but little things can help and find that tis is one of them



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