Sunday, 20 February 2011

Down at the Farm

I often spend time down at a farm helping my friend with her horses

I love it there, you can forget all your problems, forget about life and just get down to some good, old fashioned graft, I even enjoy mucking out!

I was at the farm all day today and took some photos so thought I would share some with you both old and new

Tom and Jerry, absolutely insane

My favourite Pygmy goat, he is a heart breaker

The rapeseed field

Sasha (fierce) messing up a stable bed...Thanks!

I love the cows


Donkey and his pal watching my friend ride

Blue (I call him bo bo) my friends horse

(Lady) Teepee my friends other horse and my best friend on the farm
I wish I could explain the personalities of all these animals, especially the horses, they are like people in fact more intelligent than some people and so amusing!

Hope you enjoy! Have you been taking any snaps recently?


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