Sunday, 30 January 2011


Recently I have really gotten in to taking lots of photos, mainly down to the fact that my good friend @drew692 has shown me that the iPhone camera really can do some wonderful things!

My favourite subject is my cat Carla, she is nearly 18 and wont be around forever so I try to take pics of her as much as she will allow!

Here are just a few I have taken in the last year, I hope you love her as much as I do


Friday, 28 January 2011

Princess and the Playlist - Week 4

This weeks playlist is all about songs that I am loving at the moment, most are current hits that I keep singing at my desk to annoy the poor folk I work with!

I was upset  to see that my number one choice of current favourites, Wrech 32  - Traktor, wasn't available on Spotify yet...Boo Hiss! Here is the video anyway (thank god for You Tube!)

On to the important business....I hope you have warmed up those vocal chords!

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L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N - Noah And The Whale - I love any song in which my name is featured, I love Noah And The Whale, so this combo blows my tiny mind! My challenge to you is to sing it all the way through without making a mistake!

Reason Is Treason - Kasabian - Heard it on the TV the other day, cant get it out of my brain, this song will forever be amazing

Jump In To The Fog - The Wombats - Another hit for the boys, this is already huge!

Against All Odds - Chase & Status Feat Kano - Get my groove on walking to work to this song, thinking I'm a fly gal, ya gets me blud! Haha!

Ain't Nobody - Clare Maguire - I think that it is a travesty that this girl came 3rd in the sound of 2011 decided by INMWT (in new music we trust) and Jessie J came first, frankly I cant stand Jessie J, Clare has such a haunting folksy voice, I bloody love her

Wreckin' Bar - The Vaccines - Also featured in sound of 2011, their current song isn't all that, this song is however is awesome

Salt Air - Chew Lips - I saw this band play in a tiny venue called Hampton's last year, they have such a connection with the audience, you really fall under their mesmerising spell when you see them

Shine A Light - Mcfly Feat Taio Cruz - I basically can not live without Mcfly, their songs are catchy (always a bonus for a good pop song!) and they are hot, hell even the ugly one got good looking (he still has a massive chin though, Brucie anyone?)

Lights - Elle Goulding - I'm not the biggest Elle fan I admit it, but my makeup course is taught by her makeup artist so been watching lots of her YouTube vids and actually quite like this catchy ditty

Skinny Genes - Eliza Doolittle - Summer is defiantly not here but this makes me feel like it is only a breath away, if I squint I can see the sun just around the corner

Slip and Dive - Daystar - @NicolaLH from the wonderful world of Twitter recommended this Manchester based band, great song and having tweeted with them (@Daystarband) they are thoroughly nice lads, I love the guitars on this song, also a lovely bit of tambourine work!

Down By The Water - The Decemberists - Love this band, the sound is folksy and I love me a good folk (song!)

Rolling In The Deep - Adele - I loved her last album and cant wait to get my ears around the new one if this song is anything to go by its going to be a corker!

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Hope you enjoy, if you have any ideas for any themes let me know, also if you would like to submit a memory lane playlist like I did in week 2 please mail or tweet me, lets talk music people!

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Makeup course - Week 1

Hey Everyone

Sorry its taken me a few days to post about this, My feet haven't touched the ground, Sunday was spent writing notes and doing the photos for the blog sale (errr anyone want some polish?), Monday, cleaning a mountain of brushes for both home and pro use, Tuesday dinner with my Dad (oh and My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding)! Phew!

So how was my first day at school?


Firstly, here is the make up I went for on the day, basic and clean, this photo was at 6:30, yes I was half asleep.

My Journey went really well, which given the way I stressed about it a few weeks ago was such a relief.

I did however spend about 30 mins walking up and down a main road looking for my turning. I asked a postie thinking "he'll know where I'm going, he must know these streets like the back of his hand"...Yeah errrr never take directions from a postie, I ended up at the gates of a primary school, not quite the education I was seeking that day! So I put it in to my GPS, which navigated me to a Police Station...I proceeded to curse my GPS talking to my phone like some nutcase "ITS CLEARLY NOT HERE IS IT!". So decided to go back to the main road where saw a Costcutter, and decided to go in and ask at which point the sales assistant pointed to a MASSIVE street sign opposite and right next to the bus stop I got off at...Idiot! yep 30 mins of that, you have to laugh right, what a doughnut, lucky I was sooo early that even that didn't make me late!

The morning session consisted of introductions, health and safety followed by a demo of how to clean the skin and do natural look makeup then turning it in to a simple catwalk look, I thought I knew how to do natural...turns out I tend to do strong editorial given that I use eyeliner and shadow...Who knew!

When we broke for lunch I went to the refectory to eat my packed lunch and saw a girl from my class who I asked to sit with, she was exactly like me super chatty and friendly and we had such a giggle, about half way through we were joined by a few more classmates, discussing why we were there it was like I was listening to them telling my story as to why I was there, passion for makeup, check, sick of the office job, check, looking for new and exciting adventures...At last some people who are on the same page as me, this was so exciting to see that there are other people out there in my position at a later stage in there life (ok I know I'm only 27 but!).

In the afternoon we had to recreate the natural look from the morning on each other followed by the change in to catwalk, I enjoyed working on a whole face, I normally do my mates eye make up but have never done the whole face from start to finish! I will say however that lip liner is not currently my friend...I'm working on it though, I have my best friend from work modeling for me every lunch time...she must be mad! Haha!

The worst part of my day was the journey home, I hadn't planned my route which threw me off completely! I had a massive headache pair this with the fact that the only seat left for my last leg home was next to a lady who took up a seat and a half and I was ready to cry, hanging off that seat with all my kit was horrible, I bet she only paid for one seat so why is she on my side! Grrrrr

All in all I had such an amazing day and met some really nice girls who I cant wait to work with...oh and got a beautiful kit!


Sunday, 23 January 2011

Blog Sale - Nail Polishes

Hi All

fancy some blog sale action? 

Over the next few weeks I am hoping to do a few blog sales, thought I would break them down rather than sell a bazillion items all at once. starting with nail polishes.

Okay here goes, over the past 9 months I have accumulated a vast collection of nail polishes (I never wore polish before that) so all polishes are under a year old

  1. All items have only been used 1 or 2 times unless stated
  2.  Postage is £1.75 (recorded) plus 50 pence per extra item 
  3. Please comment below stating the item(s) you would like to purchase
  4. First come first serve
  5. Please leave your paypal email address 
  6. Invoice will be sent within 24 hours, payment needs to be received within 24 hours of receiving your invoice 
  7.   UK only 

Left to right
1A) Models Own Lemon Meringue £1.75
1B) Models Own Fuzzy Peach £1.75
1C) Models Own Beth's Blue £1.75

Left to right (these ones were hard to photograph so that's why there are 2 photos 2nd pic is more accurate to colour)
2A) Models Own Sterling Silver £1.75
2B) Models Own Slate Green £1.75
2C) Models Own Grey Day £1.75

Left to right 
3A) ELF Mint Cream £0.40
3B) OPI Significant Other £4.00 (used a few times)
3C) ELF Sunset £0.40

 Left to right 
4A) Eyko Indigo £0.80 (have cleaned lid up!)
4B) Rimmel Lasting Finish 080 Mover £0.80
4C) Rimmel Lasting Finish 198 Azure £0.80
4D) Collection 2000 Maxi Flex 329 Electric Punk £0.40

Thanks for looking! 

Friday, 21 January 2011

The Day Before...

Makeup school starts tomorrow, I'm excited but wondering what to expect, I'm hopping that I will meet lots of like minded people and make some new friends! I have now gotten over the whole stress of it now, I seem to have sorted my head out with the help of good friends.

In  preparation I took the day off to have a chilled out lay in and to sort out everything I had been putting off so that my mind was clear for college.

I took 8 plastic carrier bags and 3 big reusable bags to the clothes bank, this included 7 pairs of jeans, I haven't worn a pair of jeans for about a year and a half! I shredded a small forest of papers & threw out 10 tonnes of crap! That's right I'm a hoarder of pretty much anything, I seem to be emotionally connected to everything from beauty products (how many potions and lotions does one girl need!) down to and including a pair of socks with a hole in (they were an ex's, I have now discarded them!) !

Too cute
But today I became ruthless, I am running out of space and do not want to be living in a bomb site when I only have 1 day off a week, I need my space to be ready to use, tidy and organized.

I also made myself a packed lunch for the first time in yonks! Very proud of this, I'm such a loser sometimes! Ha ha!

So now my bag is packed with all I need, lunch is in the fridge, and I am good to go!

Are you a hoarder? What are your tips for getting rid of your stuff?

Will hopefully blog about my first day at college Saturday evening or Sunday until then wish me luck!


Thursday, 20 January 2011

Princess and the Playlist - Week 3

This week it's all about songs that make me sing, not just mumble along but use every last breath in my body to belt it out like a lyrical gangsta (oh yeah I'm down with the kids).

A few facts about this playlist
1) My Mum probably hates it
2) My neighbours probably hate it
3) My Stepdad has made it known he thinks I keep a bag of crying cats in my bedroom

...Yes that's right folks I am vocally challenged, do I care? Not a bit!

Okay so on to the fun stuff, as always let me know what you think!

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SING - My Chemical Romance - A new track that is bouncing around a lot and gave me the idea for this playlist

Little Sister - Queens Of The Stoneage - The start of this song gets me pumped!

In For The Kill (Skream's Lets Get Ravey Remix) - La Roux - This is so much more than a remix this is what La Roux is all about, some cracking remixes out there, this is one of my favourites

Two Doors Down - Mystery Jets - I challenge you not to sing this at the top of your lungs, this is such an epic song with great lyrics that really capture a moment

57 - Biffy Clyro - One of Biffy's best songs, they don't make 'em like this anymore...Really they don't

Jump In The Pool - Friendly Fires - This is one of the best songs for me to sing along to as I have a dance for it too, I have mastered this both sitting down and standing up, If this song comes on when I'm on the bus...Danger

Shake It, Shake It - Thomas Tantrum - "I wanna talk!" a song with simple and meaningless lyrics, I love it, I know the drummer, I have a pic of him in his pants on NYE, he is hot...End of

Dark Blue - Jack's Mannequin - I love me a bit of Jack's to sing to this song makes me want to do jive dancing

Umbrella - All Time Low - Great version, I love Rihanna but this kicks ass

Sugarhigh - Coyote Shivers - from possibly the greatest ever cult classic film Empire Records, all the songs on the soundtrack make my lungs burst

Free Fallin - Kid Bull - Makes my Mums ears bleed!

Punk Spirit - Wave Machines - Chilling out, give those cords a smooth melody to relaxing!

Sit Down By The Fire - The Veils - Such a beautiful song, very powerful, this was my go to song for 2010 (even though it was released in 2009)

Obsessions - Marina And The Diamonds - This was the first Marina song I heard and fell in love with

Big Finish...

One Day Like This - Elbow - Errrrr who doesn't sing to this!

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And if you don't have Spotify, why not, its legal and free! get it HERE!
I hope you enjoy and sing along

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Freehand Nail Art - My First Attempt

What do you think?

Meow Kitty

I used Rimmel 5 in 1 as a base, Models Own Nude Beige as my main colour, Nails inc Jermyn Street for the dots and a Sharpie pen for the random black lines (I know a bloomin SHARPIE!) followed by another coat of the Rimmel to finish it off.

I used the Sharpie as I couldn't find any liquid eyeliner in black, this was an improvisation that actually turned out amazingly well.

I love these nails and it was simple to do as you don't need to be precise with leopard print, perfect for me a nail art novice!

You like?


Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Homemade Pore Strips - Tried and Tested

I like to make beauty products, if I can make it I prefer to do that than buy it, it works out cheaper and that way I know what goes in to it, it might not be organic but its an organic, therapeutic and fun process!

I found a video buy Michelle Phan on how to make your own pore strips, you know those strips that pull out all the nasty blackheads, we all love them right?

They are so simple to make!

you only need 2 ingredients...that's right just 2!
  • Powdered gelatin 
  • Milk
How To
  • In a clean container pour in 1 tablespoon of the gelatin powder 
  • Followed by 1 tablespoon of milk
  • Mix using a spoon
  • It will make a kind of paste (the gelatin will absorb most of the milk)
  • Pop in the microwave, full power for 10 seconds 
  • Take out and test the heat, you want it to be luke warm but not too hot! 
  • Using either your fingers (messy!) or an old (but clean) makeup brush apply to the face
  • Let it dry for approx 10-15 mins
  • Peel off and see what gunk it has pulled out of your pores!
This is one of my favourite home makes, this made enough for 3 of us to use with leftovers, you have to use it right away or throw it away so you may want to adjust the measurements to suit. I used it on my step dad who was amazed, his strip had so much gunk on it, I wish I had taken a photo as it was a sight to behold!

Here is the video from Michelle Phan, worth a looksie

Happy homemade goodness!


Saturday, 15 January 2011

Diet Coke Nails Inc - Snore

Unless you have been on living on Mars then you will have heard that when you buy 2 bottles of Diet Coke from Boots you can pick up one of 4 Nails Inc polishes

Last year I absolutely loved this offer, all the polishes were gorgeous and I have worn them all several times since, with London being a hit for me personally.

Diet Coke Nails inc polishes 2010 

This year however, I cant help but look at them and feel they look boring, cheap and nasty. The blue especially is tacky beyond belief, it looks like something a 14 year old would find appealing, and as for Caramel (I did get this) well it looks nice but it is nothing spectacular, in fact I would say its down right plain and boring when worn on its own it looks like you actually don't have finger nails!

Diet Coke Nails Inc polishes 2011
I love nails inc but cant help but feel that with this collection they have made some bad colour choices, none of them really hit this seasons trends on the head and the choice of blue just baffles me...These I don't think are for the fashoinista's among us but for teenagers still finding their style feet.

I wont be rushing to Boots to snap these up fast and I'm quite sure that they wont wizz of the shelf like the ones from last summer.


Thursday, 13 January 2011

Thoughtless Thursday

I am sick of thoughtless people making plans and breaking them.

Already in the last month I have had at least 5 people cancel on me for a number of reasons and today was no exception, I was supposed to be going to London with a "friend" of mine on Saturday and have been ditched, this annoys me because I could have made other plans had it not been for this.

I just don't understand why people feel the need to make plans that they know they cant keep/cant afford/shouldn't be making because their girlfriend doesn't know they are still friends with me, that they still fancy me and that they want to get in my pants (bit to specific with that one?)!

I wish people would just tell me when I suggest that they can't do it, what is wrong with being honest, if I can't do something I say so, I expect nothing less of anyone else, I don't care who you are or what you are doing that is so important, you made plans with me, and now I am the one stuck with nothing to do because you decided I was second best to another option!

Don't make plans if you can't keep them or I will unleash my wrath!

Wrath unleashment
Then ultimately, I will have to apologise for said wrath and now I am the bad person...Shit...


Wednesday, 12 January 2011

A Little Thing Called Fate

Today I experienced a joy that I cannot describe, let me explain...

I was in Topshop, just having a browse at a few bits and bobs, mainly I was looking for a few t-shirts to go with my denim shorts, so to set the scene, I was in the section with some of the ever so funky iconic t-shirts when my best friend headed to the sale section, she called me from across the shop and held up the dress I had been lusting after

I just replied saying, "yeah but still £50 I'm not paying £50 for it as I have no where to wear it!"

At this point my friend looked at the tag, looked at me and dropped her jaw..."its only £30 now! you HAVE to get it Lisa., its the last one AND £150 down to £30"

I almost ran towards her saying "I'm trying it on!"

It looked so lovely and of course I bought it! I feel like a million dollars in it...who needs an occasion, its fate, I was meant to own this dress!

There are still some available on the website but get this bargain here FAST!


Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Princess and the Pro Points Plan

Ok so by now you are probably sick of everyones new years resolutions to lose weight (that's right 90% of women on the planet are dieting right about now) but I just had to share the fact that I lost 4lbs this week on the Weight Watchers Pro Points Plan.

I have tracked EVERYTHING I have eaten, from the good, bad and down right ugly, this is the first time in ages that I have tracked and the results speak for themselves.

If you are dieting I wish you well, if you are thinking about it I would recommend this plan...I even ate chocolate. a slice of cake and drank a large soya gingerbread latte this week, I just counted it in my Pro Points!

I can't go a week without having a Costa fix!

I also wanted to just say thank you to my biggest weight loss cheerleader @laurabithell she is such a great support...Amazing!


Sunday, 9 January 2011

Princess and the Playlist - Week 2

For this week's playlist I decided to touch upon some songs that remind me of certain events or periods in my life, I have picked 10 songs, I am going to explain each memory as clearly and concisely as I can.

Please let me know what you think, I am also looking for people who might line to do a memory lane playlist to feature on the blog so let me know if you want to take part you can comment, email or tweet!

Click here to get the playlist, and don't forget to subscribe!

Breakfast At Tiffany's - Deep Blue Something - The first record I brought with my own money, this isn't my first ever record, I cant remember what that was, I have always had music in my life. I think this is a pretty cool first record, at the time I liked it because it was bouncy, crazy and fun, as the years go on though I realise it is still this! LOVE IT!

Every You Every Me - Placebo - This was one of the first Placebo tracks I heard, I used to listen to it on repeat, I was in school and being bullied, this was a time which I really discovered music could have meaning, it wasn't all bubbly and fun, there were songs with depth and real feeling in them...I was at that point in my life, what you might class as an emo I guess, I never really have put my music tastes in a box though.

Drops of Jupiter - Train - this song has been in my life for as long as I can remember, when I'm feeling a bit down this song makes me feel so much better, it has seen me through a lot of break ups and heart aches. It is my all time sing along song, yes I am a little bit county. I also am a sucker for a string section.

Shimmy Shimmy Quater Turn - Hellogoodbye - This song reminds me of my first love, I was 21 and Naive (we have all been there!) and thought it was so cute that he used to sing this to me, that was one of the reasons I fell in love with him, he stole my heart some CD's and £30...Bastard, still love this fippin song though!

To Build A Home - The Cinematic Orcestra - This reminds me of many things, this song can make me glow inside or cry, it depends on my mood. One memory of this song was when I went to see them live I was in the seated section of a small theater and my then boyfriend grabbed my hand and held it tight, I think it was then that I realised I found my second love...It didn't last...What I will say is this song is a slow one but you have to listen to it all the way through, at 4 mins it really ramps up.

Naive - The Kooks - This one makes me laugh because it reminds me of when we had a power cut a few years back and I had my old Samsung phone with this as my ring tone, I kept playing it and singing along to annoy my Mum...She loved it really!

Golden Phone - Micachu - This reminds me of Southampton, Burlington Road to be exact. Burlington was amazing, I used to go to the most amazing parties at that house until 7 in the morning, we even had a festival in the back garden...That was a very messy affair!

Drive - Incubus - This reminds me of the summer 2009 driving around with my good friend (who shall remain nameless) we had lots of fun...I was a little scared but enjoyed every minute of it...We still fancy each other...

Middle Of The Hill - Josh Pyke - My first trip alone...Byron Bay, Australia January 2010 this taught me a lot and I met some great people, reminds me of sitting up late at night drinking beer & catching frogs!

Sweet Dispostion - Temper Trap - This is, and always will be a festival song...I love a good music festival and this song just makes me remember all those moments jumping up and down singing at the top of my lungs with those I love and some crazy dudes I met at the beer tent.

Click here to get the playlist, and don't forget to subscribe!

And if you don't have Spotify, why not, its legal and free! get it HERE
I hope you enjoy 


Morning (Soap &) Glory

Today I got a delivery from Royal Mail...

I hear you say exactly what I thought "but isn't it a Sunday!"...Apparently it would seem they are clearing the backlog of deliveries after the bad weather.

The parcel I received was from Asos and was one of the only things I bought in the sales, the sales were rubbish in my opinion but that is good for the bank balance!

I ordered the Soap and Glory Lock Stock and Bubble set from Asos, I love Soap and Glory and I had been looking to get it from the boots sale for just £9.00, however they had sold out. I got pointed in the direction of Asos where it was on sale for £12.40, a little more expensive but way better than the ebay options that were waaaay over priced!

I mainly wanted this because I spend a lot of time away from home, I stay with friends in various places and I need a good wash bag rather than a plastic bag. The print on it is gorgeous, I adore that iconic print that S&G have embraced

Also inside the bag there is a handy side pocket, so you can separate anything off that you need to keep dry (at least that's what I would use it for).

The contents
Clean On Me - 75ml
Righteous Butter - 50ml
Flake Away - 50ml
Girligo - 100ml
Hand Food - 50 ml
Off Your Face Wipes - 25 cloths
Giant Super Sudsy Shower Puff

I already own the big versions of all of these (I am a S&G hoarder!) but it is so nice to own the travel versions of some of my favourite products, it means I don't have to messily decanter in to pots and bottles or use a friends shower gel instead of my favourite products. I also always carry hand cream in my bag so the mini hand food is perfect for me.

This is no longer available on the Asos website, however, if you haven't tried S&G before I would recommend trying the mini series which is on Asos for only £6.50 (reduced from £10.00), you can get it HERE

If you would like any of these products reviewed do let me know.


Saturday, 8 January 2011

The Day That I Dyed

Earlier in the week I asked the opinion of you my lovely readers whether I should take the plunge and go ginger...This resulted in most people voting that I should, and as the title suggests I did indeed get my hair dyed...

So to tell a story, I was dubious at going completely ginger all over straight away, I mean its a massive change and I am about  to start my make up course in the coming weeks so maybe I should play it safe...

My hairdresser suggested slicing in the ginger with my current hair colour saying it would add depth but not be so in your face it would scream "look at my ginger hair!"

So I went for this option. What do you think?

With flash and spazzy face

With flash

Without flash

Without flash
Back with flash...So much hair!
I think next time I will have more ginger sliced in...I love it!


Friday, 7 January 2011

Tired and Stressed of Lisa Land

I am so tired I cannot even describe, I feel physically sick pretty much all day at the moment through exhaustion and yet I cant sleep, my sleep is broken and when I do sleep I have various nightmares.

I am not sleeping because I am stressed, I am stressed because I am not sleeping...can you see this vicious circle right in front of your eyes?

Lost in Thought - Kurt Halsey

So I figured if I wrote down about why I am stressed it might help, are you sitting comfortably it is very much a roller coaster from here on out

I am just 2 weeks away from starting a course in makeup artistry, this is a good thing you would imagine and whilst I am completely buzzing about training in a new career I really want (If you follow me on twitter you will know it is my deepest passion in life), I cant help but fear the unknown.

I am scared that I will not be accepted buy my fellow classmates due to the fact I have a prosthetic eye (yes that's right I lost my eye in a trauma when I was 8...that's a whole other story), I mean will they want to work with me or on my face? this has never been an issue for me before, I tell practically everyone I meet, hell I'm even putting it out there on the tinternet to 16 followers and whoever might stumble upon my little blog. I think the real issue here is that I HAVE to tell them. I don't have an option, they need to know what they are working with right?

I am super panicked by finding my way around London, finding the college, finding the nearest Costa...this is odd for me because I love that London, I do however stick to the same places of interest and don't venture in to the unknown unaccompanied.

Travel had me in a state last night, I was looking at journeys that firstly were over 2 hours long I whittled this down by changing my destination station but this meant I had 3 connections and a bus ride! Arrrggghhh! Luckily I had some advice from a dear friend who calmed me down, then today at work someone heard me talking about my mini travel breakdown and chirped in "why don't you just get the bus" pah! The bus will take me forever...oh no wait it wont it will take just over an hour with a 5 min tube journey...AND its cheaper...score, problem solved (other than the fact I have to be a bus wanker, but whatever!).

Ok so that is college sorted now on to the woe that is course was so darn expensive it hurt...and this is the time, after Christmas and paying out for travel etc that it is really smacking me down...I have a budget, its tight, but I have to stick to it so I can save money for my MUA kit. I need the savings for portfolio work and of course makeup

Ok so that's it, well almost, work is killing me but that's nothing new, my back is in agony but I have painkillers for that, my face is like a dot to dot and my legs are for some reason covered in bruises...Joy!

In conclusion am I happy? YES even with all the stress I am still happy, I am sure that come the time for college I will be more tired than ever (working 5 days and at college for 1) but I am hopping the stress will ease and I will be able to focus on the positives...for now though I am bricking it!

If you got this far, I salute you! 


Thursday, 6 January 2011

To Dye or not to Dye?

I am the first to admit my Barnett is gorgeous (vain moi?)

Its a very dark brown, almost black with a purple toner, it is the best hair colour I have ever had...but (and its a big one like my own) I am ever so bored of it!

I have been thinking about a change for a while now and I have always admired Nicola Roberts fiery red locks...

 My hairdresser has said she can do it, she tested my hair and said it wasn't compromised in condition and that given time this look is do you think I should do it?

Opinions Needed!

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Radio One - Time for a Change?

Every weekday morning when I roll out of bed the first thing I do, like many others, is switch on the radio.

I am one of many who listen to Radio One, news, weather, banter and a few tunes (without annoying ads!) to kickstart my mornings.

Lately though I have noticed that Chris Moyles has become a one trick pony, same shit different day, complaining, playing rubbish songs and basically grinding my gears. I cant stand him, I used to love him he used to be funny but now the gleam is gone and all that is left is a washed up has been (Chris Evans anyone?) who is obviously not happy at Radio One. At this point I would like to point out I love the rest of the team they are all still great personalities and Dom's quips have me in stitches.

So reasons I cant stand Chris Moyles, well for a start he is always banging on about fat people, being rude and insensitive...hello have you looked in the mirror, you are no oil painting and definitely obese! secondly, he will slag artists and people off then get them on the show and pretend they are his best buddy, why? and lastly he thinks himself as god like, you are the same as any other person out there, you just had a lucky break in my opinion. Oh how the glamor has faded!

My solution to the problem is simple...Zane Lowe! I have been enjoying his stint on the breakfast show this week (in celebration of in new music we trust) he is funny, he is bouncy and alive his voice makes me want to get up and attack the day! and the music, oh my god he is a source of such great taste, he is in the know and a big respected name on the music scene, unlike Chris Moyles...Oh and he is soooo sexy...unlike Chris Moyles!


In Summary the saviour is no more...ZANE LOWE WE NEED YOU!

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