Saturday, 15 January 2011

Diet Coke Nails Inc - Snore

Unless you have been on living on Mars then you will have heard that when you buy 2 bottles of Diet Coke from Boots you can pick up one of 4 Nails Inc polishes

Last year I absolutely loved this offer, all the polishes were gorgeous and I have worn them all several times since, with London being a hit for me personally.

Diet Coke Nails inc polishes 2010 

This year however, I cant help but look at them and feel they look boring, cheap and nasty. The blue especially is tacky beyond belief, it looks like something a 14 year old would find appealing, and as for Caramel (I did get this) well it looks nice but it is nothing spectacular, in fact I would say its down right plain and boring when worn on its own it looks like you actually don't have finger nails!

Diet Coke Nails Inc polishes 2011
I love nails inc but cant help but feel that with this collection they have made some bad colour choices, none of them really hit this seasons trends on the head and the choice of blue just baffles me...These I don't think are for the fashoinista's among us but for teenagers still finding their style feet.

I wont be rushing to Boots to snap these up fast and I'm quite sure that they wont wizz of the shelf like the ones from last summer.



  1. That blue is rank, some old bint was trying it on today in boots and nabbed the last bottle. Bet she thought she was the bees knees. I've got the caramel too (dupe for models own nude beige) and the pink one- which I suppose is the best out of a bad bunch xxx

  2. Do you think its a dupe? I dont see it myself I love nude beige its got a bit more colour to it me thinks.

    Blue is just gross cheap street indeed!


  3. Im a nail polish addict, and I dont want any of them, says it all.



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