Wednesday, 12 January 2011

A Little Thing Called Fate

Today I experienced a joy that I cannot describe, let me explain...

I was in Topshop, just having a browse at a few bits and bobs, mainly I was looking for a few t-shirts to go with my denim shorts, so to set the scene, I was in the section with some of the ever so funky iconic t-shirts when my best friend headed to the sale section, she called me from across the shop and held up the dress I had been lusting after

I just replied saying, "yeah but still £50 I'm not paying £50 for it as I have no where to wear it!"

At this point my friend looked at the tag, looked at me and dropped her jaw..."its only £30 now! you HAVE to get it Lisa., its the last one AND £150 down to £30"

I almost ran towards her saying "I'm trying it on!"

It looked so lovely and of course I bought it! I feel like a million dollars in it...who needs an occasion, its fate, I was meant to own this dress!

There are still some available on the website but get this bargain here FAST!


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