Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Radio One - Time for a Change?

Every weekday morning when I roll out of bed the first thing I do, like many others, is switch on the radio.

I am one of many who listen to Radio One, news, weather, banter and a few tunes (without annoying ads!) to kickstart my mornings.

Lately though I have noticed that Chris Moyles has become a one trick pony, same shit different day, complaining, playing rubbish songs and basically grinding my gears. I cant stand him, I used to love him he used to be funny but now the gleam is gone and all that is left is a washed up has been (Chris Evans anyone?) who is obviously not happy at Radio One. At this point I would like to point out I love the rest of the team they are all still great personalities and Dom's quips have me in stitches.

So reasons I cant stand Chris Moyles, well for a start he is always banging on about fat people, being rude and insensitive...hello have you looked in the mirror, you are no oil painting and definitely obese! secondly, he will slag artists and people off then get them on the show and pretend they are his best buddy, why? and lastly he thinks himself as god like, you are the same as any other person out there, you just had a lucky break in my opinion. Oh how the glamor has faded!

My solution to the problem is simple...Zane Lowe! I have been enjoying his stint on the breakfast show this week (in celebration of in new music we trust) he is funny, he is bouncy and alive his voice makes me want to get up and attack the day! and the music, oh my god he is a source of such great taste, he is in the know and a big respected name on the music scene, unlike Chris Moyles...Oh and he is soooo sexy...unlike Chris Moyles!


In Summary the saviour is no more...ZANE LOWE WE NEED YOU!


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  1. I was thinking exactly the same thing this morning when Zane was on. He's a genius!

    Amelia x


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