Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Freehand Nail Art - My First Attempt

What do you think?

Meow Kitty

I used Rimmel 5 in 1 as a base, Models Own Nude Beige as my main colour, Nails inc Jermyn Street for the dots and a Sharpie pen for the random black lines (I know a bloomin SHARPIE!) followed by another coat of the Rimmel to finish it off.

I used the Sharpie as I couldn't find any liquid eyeliner in black, this was an improvisation that actually turned out amazingly well.

I love these nails and it was simple to do as you don't need to be precise with leopard print, perfect for me a nail art novice!

You like?



  1. I love it!You could do a step by step tutorial with pics for your manis!It'd be great :D

  2. I will definitely keep it in mind, I tend to forget to potograph steps but you are right I really should!

  3. Ouuuu! I love animal prints! This looks great.
    But don't think I have the patience to do something like this! LOL.

    I'm a new follower sent by Ray (

    Check mine out sometime! xx.


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