Friday, 21 January 2011

The Day Before...

Makeup school starts tomorrow, I'm excited but wondering what to expect, I'm hopping that I will meet lots of like minded people and make some new friends! I have now gotten over the whole stress of it now, I seem to have sorted my head out with the help of good friends.

In  preparation I took the day off to have a chilled out lay in and to sort out everything I had been putting off so that my mind was clear for college.

I took 8 plastic carrier bags and 3 big reusable bags to the clothes bank, this included 7 pairs of jeans, I haven't worn a pair of jeans for about a year and a half! I shredded a small forest of papers & threw out 10 tonnes of crap! That's right I'm a hoarder of pretty much anything, I seem to be emotionally connected to everything from beauty products (how many potions and lotions does one girl need!) down to and including a pair of socks with a hole in (they were an ex's, I have now discarded them!) !

Too cute
But today I became ruthless, I am running out of space and do not want to be living in a bomb site when I only have 1 day off a week, I need my space to be ready to use, tidy and organized.

I also made myself a packed lunch for the first time in yonks! Very proud of this, I'm such a loser sometimes! Ha ha!

So now my bag is packed with all I need, lunch is in the fridge, and I am good to go!

Are you a hoarder? What are your tips for getting rid of your stuff?

Will hopefully blog about my first day at college Saturday evening or Sunday until then wish me luck!



  1. Good luck! I'll be there in spirit with my Lisa Pom poms!


  2. Yup I'll be there with Debs with pompoms. We could be the Lisa cheerleaders. Tweet me and let me know how its gone xxxx

  3. Good Luck for today (belated I know) If it's a part time course you're taking at LCF, it should be awesome. I did a summer course at CSM and it was amazing and I met some really interesting people there.

  4. Thank you sweetpeas! love you! It was amazing, will write tomorrow as totally need to zone out for a few hours tonight xxx


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