Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Homemade Pore Strips - Tried and Tested

I like to make beauty products, if I can make it I prefer to do that than buy it, it works out cheaper and that way I know what goes in to it, it might not be organic but its an organic, therapeutic and fun process!

I found a video buy Michelle Phan on how to make your own pore strips, you know those strips that pull out all the nasty blackheads, we all love them right?

They are so simple to make!

you only need 2 ingredients...that's right just 2!
  • Powdered gelatin 
  • Milk
How To
  • In a clean container pour in 1 tablespoon of the gelatin powder 
  • Followed by 1 tablespoon of milk
  • Mix using a spoon
  • It will make a kind of paste (the gelatin will absorb most of the milk)
  • Pop in the microwave, full power for 10 seconds 
  • Take out and test the heat, you want it to be luke warm but not too hot! 
  • Using either your fingers (messy!) or an old (but clean) makeup brush apply to the face
  • Let it dry for approx 10-15 mins
  • Peel off and see what gunk it has pulled out of your pores!
This is one of my favourite home makes, this made enough for 3 of us to use with leftovers, you have to use it right away or throw it away so you may want to adjust the measurements to suit. I used it on my step dad who was amazed, his strip had so much gunk on it, I wish I had taken a photo as it was a sight to behold!

Here is the video from Michelle Phan, worth a looksie

Happy homemade goodness!



  1. Ohh I'm so gross, I love looking at the gunk that comes out of my/other peoples face :P But I'll have to keep buying because I'm a vegetarian.

  2. You could probably still make it with agar-agar, thats a vegetarian version of gelatin, you can get it in health food stores and possibly the supermarket


  3. blatatntly a brilliant idea- about to pull on my coat and trundle down to the supermarket to see if I can get gelatin powder and grab some extra milk!

  4. Yay! its sooo fun! I just told my brother about it and he said next time he is over I can do it on him too...Im adicted to it!



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