Thursday, 6 January 2011

To Dye or not to Dye?

I am the first to admit my Barnett is gorgeous (vain moi?)

Its a very dark brown, almost black with a purple toner, it is the best hair colour I have ever had...but (and its a big one like my own) I am ever so bored of it!

I have been thinking about a change for a while now and I have always admired Nicola Roberts fiery red locks...

 My hairdresser has said she can do it, she tested my hair and said it wasn't compromised in condition and that given time this look is do you think I should do it?

Opinions Needed!


  1. YES! I think it would be gorgeous with a capital G!!

  2. yes go for a change. I love red hair aswell :).


  3. I think with your skin tone you could easily pull of a lovely red colour :D

  4. So many people have said to do it on twitter too! I just want to look THAT good! Haha xxx


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