Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Makeup course - Week 1

Hey Everyone

Sorry its taken me a few days to post about this, My feet haven't touched the ground, Sunday was spent writing notes and doing the photos for the blog sale (errr anyone want some polish?), Monday, cleaning a mountain of brushes for both home and pro use, Tuesday dinner with my Dad (oh and My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding)! Phew!

So how was my first day at school?


Firstly, here is the make up I went for on the day, basic and clean, this photo was at 6:30, yes I was half asleep.

My Journey went really well, which given the way I stressed about it a few weeks ago was such a relief.

I did however spend about 30 mins walking up and down a main road looking for my turning. I asked a postie thinking "he'll know where I'm going, he must know these streets like the back of his hand"...Yeah errrr never take directions from a postie, I ended up at the gates of a primary school, not quite the education I was seeking that day! So I put it in to my GPS, which navigated me to a Police Station...I proceeded to curse my GPS talking to my phone like some nutcase "ITS CLEARLY NOT HERE IS IT!". So decided to go back to the main road where saw a Costcutter, and decided to go in and ask at which point the sales assistant pointed to a MASSIVE street sign opposite and right next to the bus stop I got off at...Idiot! yep 30 mins of that, you have to laugh right, what a doughnut, lucky I was sooo early that even that didn't make me late!

The morning session consisted of introductions, health and safety followed by a demo of how to clean the skin and do natural look makeup then turning it in to a simple catwalk look, I thought I knew how to do natural...turns out I tend to do strong editorial given that I use eyeliner and shadow...Who knew!

When we broke for lunch I went to the refectory to eat my packed lunch and saw a girl from my class who I asked to sit with, she was exactly like me super chatty and friendly and we had such a giggle, about half way through we were joined by a few more classmates, discussing why we were there it was like I was listening to them telling my story as to why I was there, passion for makeup, check, sick of the office job, check, looking for new and exciting adventures...At last some people who are on the same page as me, this was so exciting to see that there are other people out there in my position at a later stage in there life (ok I know I'm only 27 but!).

In the afternoon we had to recreate the natural look from the morning on each other followed by the change in to catwalk, I enjoyed working on a whole face, I normally do my mates eye make up but have never done the whole face from start to finish! I will say however that lip liner is not currently my friend...I'm working on it though, I have my best friend from work modeling for me every lunch time...she must be mad! Haha!

The worst part of my day was the journey home, I hadn't planned my route which threw me off completely! I had a massive headache pair this with the fact that the only seat left for my last leg home was next to a lady who took up a seat and a half and I was ready to cry, hanging off that seat with all my kit was horrible, I bet she only paid for one seat so why is she on my side! Grrrrr

All in all I had such an amazing day and met some really nice girls who I cant wait to work with...oh and got a beautiful kit!



  1. I start my course next week and this post has made me really excited!! Love the blog!

    Sophie @


  2. Hi Lisa, I'm a new follower this morning, your blog has made me laugh! You sound just like me! What course are you doing and where if you don't mind me asking. I'm the same as you stuck in a boring office job, dreaming about make up! I'm doing a small course (£50) at Morley College which starts in Feb/March time, I'd love to do the MUSE course! But can't until later on in the year, thanks hun xxx

  3. Hi Hun, I have emailed you about the course, so glad you like the blog! do you tweet?

    Hopefully we will both get out of those boring stark offices one day soon!


  4. Sounds like a great way to kick the course off. Glad I'm not the only one who needs their journey planned to the last detail. I get MASSIVELY stressy when it doesn't go to plan...


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