Monday, 7 February 2011

Internet Dating - Addictive?

During last year I decided to join a few dating websites, I decided that 2010 was the year of throwing myself out there, dating those I might not normally see myself dating.

I dated so much it hurt, I'm not kidding, there are only so many times that you can go to the same restaurants and have the same conversations, talk about how many brothers and sisters you have (especially when your family is as confusing as mine!) before you start to bore yourself!

And did I find luuuuuurve? Errrr no, all I found were guys who couldn't commit (that really stings!), chavs, nice guys with no spark, guys who though they were funny when they were in fact offencive, a seemingly normal fella with a fetish for rubber pants (on him not me and ewww!) oh and one guy who I thought was really nice but turned out to be a rather insecure stalker type...Great!

Even after all this I still cant help but check my mails on these sites, which leads me to thinking are Internet dating sites addictive?

I think they are, whats not to like...You get an ego boost with all these guys telling you how great you are and wanting to know the girl that they might otherwise pass by (in my opinion), you are under no obligation to talk to them if you don't want, if the conversation takes a turn in a direction you don't like you don't have to explain the offence and walk away you just don't reply.

If you do decide to date them you get to go out, maybe to somewhere you have never been, and chances are you wont have to spend out, this may not win me any fans by saying it but come on girls, who doesn't like to be wined and dined?  I would like to say at this point that even if he does buy you dinner, don't put out on the first date, it makes you seem like you had to pay for your meal in another way if ya knows what I is saying!

Most of the time I go on a second date with a guy, first dates are like the first day at work, both parties are polite and well mannered so the other party forms a good opinion of them, the second date is when the real character starts to break through! Also on this date if it isn't going well, don't be a bitch and make him pay if its not going anywhere then be honest with him and pay your way...its only right ladies we all know it!

I enjoy Internet dating on the whole however PLEASE STAY SAFE ONLINE LADIES! I'm not going to write you a list on how to stay safe, the information is out there and I trust that you are all savvy enough, plus if you google for safety tips there are a million pages out there that will advise you correctly.

What are your thoughts on internet dating? Do you do it? Did you meet your other half on a dating website?



  1. I met my girlfriend on the internet, but not a dating website. I was on a dating website before though, in fact i'm still on it because you can do these quizzes that are fun, and i do still like reading peoples response to my profile. Though i did get an ego boost sometimes, in general the men that replied to me seemed like complete weirdos. One guy I really liked chatted to me for ages and then disappeared. Still I'd give it another go if i were single again.

  2. I think its always nice to have validation that you are a beautiful, wanted woman...Who doest want that!



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