Sunday, 6 February 2011

Makeup Course Week 2

Hi lovelies!

Thanks for sticking around, as you know I haven't been well so haven't posted for a whole week!

So I thought I would share with you what I have been up to at school seeing as I missed telling you about week 2 lets start with that!

Week two was Editorial makeup, it was similar to week one but using medium coverage foundations, false lashes and contouring, oh my god contouring! I love this subject anyway, I have watched a bazillion YouTube videos on it!

So in the morning we had the demo and then to work we got!

I got to do my look in the am session, I really enjoyed doing this look as it is something that I tend to do on a daily basis on myself, basically it was in my comfort zone, I loved learning on my model as she was black which meant it was all about mixing colours to get the right highlight and shadow shades, one thing I will say is I am shocked that the college doesn't have the appropriate colours for black skin tones, I'm not sure if its that MAC (their brand of choice and supply) don't do them or that they just aren't available to the college. I did really well with the contouring, I didn't get a bad word said about that in my critique, the thing from this week I think I need to practice is the application of single lashes, I didn't do a bad job but some of them turned on their side where they were so long!

When we all broke for lunch again some of us headed to the refectory, I actually love that I make my own lunch, I think it gives us more time to be social all sit down and share our thoughts on what we are leaning that week, its such a pleasure to be socialising with people who have the same aspirations as I do, also to mix with people from different walks of life, I probably lead a rather sheltered life in the fact that most of my friends have lead the same lives as me.

I really have loved working on different skin tones to my own on this course, it is such a diverse group of people that it is great practice!



  1. Its really good to hear your experiences. I have tried working on my mothers skin tone and it is so much warmer than mine, its a learning curve. Sounds bad though that MAC dont go that dark, I heard Sleek was good for darker skin tones.

    Oh and I gave you an award :)

  2. Glad you are enjoying hearing about little old me! thank you for the award! very sweet of you!

    I will be increasing my kit with certain products for all skin tones eventually



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