Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Eternal Singledom?

I make no secret of the fact that I like being single, (I'm no Bridget Jones) but recently I met a guy who I thought I could accept in to my world and hang up my single shoes.

He was perfect, funny, witty, handsome and we had so much in common, he was the first guy in ages that I really clicked with! Our first fate consisted of lots of giggles and what I considered great chemistry.

So Monday we were supposed to go on a date, everything had been going well, we had talked every day, I even saved him a Christmas cupcake (big deal for me). 2pm comes and he confirms that he will pick me up at 7pm for diner and cocktails...I was so excited to see him, I had been waiting all Christmas to see him after all!

When I got out of the shower after a good old pampering (ladies you know what goes on, guys I'm not going to go in to detail!) I did not expect to see the following text:

"Look Lisa, I have to be honest with you, my life is massively complicated right now and I don't want to string you along. I've got to get my head straight before I can carry on with this, deal with some shit in my life and clean it up. Can you understand if I say I need some thinking time? I'm so sorry. X"


Now that was at 3:15 so what in Gods name happened in those 75 minutes? did he find out how much I spend on makeup a month or how I hog the bed, I mean really within 75 minutes something big must of happened right? And if he had been thinking this for a while why did he string me along up until the last minute, I could have spent my time more effectively elsewhere, not only did he let me down but I could have gone to see family that day if it weren't for out "date"!

I am starting to think I should stop dating, men are turning in to women in a lot of cases and the ones who I do like tend to be the sort who really couldn't care less.

Whatever happened I am more baffled than ever by the male population, and will be kissing no one at midnight on NYE (well no one I know of yet!).

This Princess is still to find her prince, any tips?



  1. Hmm ... honestly? Sounds to me like there's another woman involved, that's why he's suddenly got cold feet. Yes, men are turning into women and have you noticed how women are somehow expected to be men? Anyway, onwards and upwards.

    Karen :)

  2. That's awful! A very similar thing happened to a friend of mine a couple of weeks ago, this guy had been with her three months and then all of a sudden he needed to "sort his head out".
    Seriously are guys that emotionally unstable these days? Maybe it's late puberty?

  3. @sorrywhat - I thought maybe his ex was involved, he isnt long out of a relationship I dont think. And good God I am sick of telling men to "man up" oh how the tide has changed!

    @Rebecca - I wasn't with him but it was still a shock to be honest I think men are emotionally retarded these days!

    Thanks for your comments

  4. I think defo an ex thing!! Plus the fact that guys are weird! You will find your prince one day tho so dont give up! x


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