Thursday, 10 March 2011

Mum is Going in to Hospital

Hi All Just a quick note to say that I may not be around the next few days as my Mum is going in to hospital.

I am really worried about her, we nearly lost her 5-6 years ago, she had a heart attack followed by 2 strokes, months in ICU a tracheotomy, being fed through a tube, the lot

At 22 no one should have to go through what I went through doctors telling you that it will be a miracle if your Mother survives, I admit I went off the rails, refused to go and see her, in my mind to keep some sort of sanity she was already gone. it was a dark time for me, my family turned against me and would try to force me to go to see here but I couldn't handle the ICU, the smell the sound of the machines mostly the silence. The fact that I would sit there holding my Mums hand talking to her and her not answering me, all I wanted was a squeeze of my hand or her to tell me that I shouldn't be so careless to go to a party of a guy I barely know.

With her history even this routine hernia and gallstones operation is dangerous. She has been weened off the warfarin and been having daily injections and tomorrow is the day of the op and as it draws ever closer I am more and more anxious.

I was supposed to go to London for the weekend but my absolute fear is that something bad will happen so I cancelled even though my mum told me not to, right now she is my priority and with that said the blog will probably sit on the back burner for about a week but do not fear I will be back soon and I am sure everything will be fine...I'm just a worry wort!



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