Thursday, 3 March 2011

Beware The Critics!

I am ever more noticing that we live in a super critical world, it would seem that some people make it their job to criticise anything they feel.

Don't get me wrong if your opinion is valid I will take note but I have seen too many moo points (friends fans you get this!) of late, I mean so what if you don't like Uggs? is there really any reason to dedicate a whole blog post to your hatred, therefore alienating your readers (ooo you have so many a few don't count right?) and potentially making them lack confidence?

Some of you reading this might have a bigger audience than me, some of you might not, but I will let you in to a little secret...

People do not want you to judge them just by what they wear, no matter how much you hate it

Some people need to realise that just because they think they are "IT" and of course super stylish doesn't make them god almighty, and we need to realise this too.

Just because someone doesn't like your style don't let the bitches of the blogging world get you down, hell I have half a mind to slap on some fake tan go out in my denim mini, wearing my uggs just to prove that I can pull off the look some seem to so despise (FYI if it was summer I would be wearing flip flops not uggs).

Sinner! I am enjoying myself in a denim skirt!
Now how about we voice some decent opinions rather than wasting web space on bringing people down!



  1. But whats SUPER stylish to one person isnt to another, or we'd all be clones.

    The thing that rubs me up about it the most is, for someone who claims to have 'had issues over their appearance and how people viewed that person' they appear to have turned into a right evil little bully!


  2. I completely agree my taste won’t be for everyone and think some (un-named but obvious) bloggers need to step away from the keyboard before spouting drivel...One day Deb my lovely they will all see the true colours and we will be able to turn and say told you so!

    Blogging can be fun but there are some noxious gases floating around! Haha


  3. Thats really mean for someone to say something like that. I'd not judge because I am far from 'fashionable' myself. If someone wants to wear a denim skirt and no fake tan, go for it! x


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