Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Makeup Course Week 9

Week 9 was very interesting in a lot of ways!

A girl I hadn't worked with before asked to work with me of course I said yes. she asked for my brushes at which pint I enquired as to why...Apparently she makes people use her brushes on her and uses your brushes on you...

"Errrr no" was the start of my response, "I use my brushes on others they are my tools to use"

"But I always get others to use my brushes on me and use yours on you"

Me "No, you use your brushes on me"

"OK but normally I get others..." You get the message!

So she unwraps her brush roll, it was filthy and some of her brushes had pigment on from last week! which point I ask if she has cleaned her kit

"Yes I cleaned my kit, I used these brushes this morning though and that one (with pink pigment on it) I washed 3 times and it is stained"

At which point our teacher came over and asked her the same question, I was glad to see it wasn't just me that thought her hygiene leaved alot to be desired, our teacher had a private word with the girl and she came back all guns blazing

"which ones do you think are dirty then? YOU tell me which ones I need to clean"

I pointed out a few and in a rather childlike manner she bolshy cleaned them in IPA in front of me. After doing so she wouldn't let it drop, she kept on about the fact that her brushes were clean, that she didn't have a washing machine to clean the brush roll (I hand was mine!) and no access to IPA to clean the brushes thoroughly (I use fairy liquid, IPA is not necessary!)

I guess my point here is that if your client deems your brushes un-sanitized (If you are a professional this should never happen!) then you clean them no arguments, even if you did clean them the night before, you get the IPA and you, in front of the client clean ALL brushes you are going to use, you don't get arsey over it. Oh and you always use your own tools! you wouldn't ask a model on a shoot to bring their own brushes so don't expect anyone else to!

Anyway! back to the fun bit, we did a modern twist on the 60's in the morning. This was a take on the shoot that Kate Moss did for Vouge Italia in December 2010 (photography by Nick Knight). we were looking at how editorials can take an era and update it with a modern spin.

You can see that the modern twists on this look are that the inner corners come in toward the nose, the crease is still high but using browns instead of blacks and the lower lashes are not painted on and it is more heavily contoured.

I was a lot better at modern 60's then I was the actual 60's I also found another look that really suited me!

In the afternoon we did a catwalk look using colour blocking and lush fake lashes! we had 25 minutes to complete the look and at the end we all had to line up to see if we all matched. With catwalk to maintain continuity normally you are given a certain job, so one person does brows another does contouring and so on. obviously in this case one person did the whole look, and for the most part we all looked very similar!

I decided to wear mine home to show my mum, give her a bit of a giggle seeing as she has been poorly! So I took 2 tubes and a train looking like this

I bladdy love the lashes, I felt a bit like a Manga character!

So after a very rocky start where a few lessons were learned about how to deal with awkward situations (you should always speak up if something isn't quite right be you the MUA or the model) it was a very productive and fun day and the pressure to fulfil a brief in 25 minutes was exhilarating! 



  1. LOVING the look, and the modern sixties thing looks way more fun than the actual sixites.

    How long is your course?

  2. oh... and I think you should come to my horrible rural hole of a town and become my personal make-up artist, so I can look lovely everyday rather than fighting with my make-up each day!

  3. Actual 60's is my nemisis! I struggle with it so much!

    Course is 15 weeks...Dont want it to end :0(

    Star a hairstyling course too soon! Course crazy me!


  4. And I have seen your gorgeous face in you outfit of the day posts and there is nothing wrong with your make up!

    But if the price is right ;0)


  5. OMG crazy woman to argue that her brushes are clean when they aren't! I use Johnsons baby shampoo on my brushes and they come up trumps, even when I've been using bright blues! How dare she argue. Kate looks amazing in that pic and so do you, those lashes are gorgeous! Can't believe how quick your course has gone! xxx

  6. That doesnt sound very good about the brushes, hope she will of learnt her lesson.

    You are so brave wearing that make up to travel home in! Hope you made your mum smile though :) x


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