Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Princess and the Playlist - Week 7

I thought I would give you a blast of some of the stuff I have been listening to lately this week, its quite a good mix in my opinion, hopefully there is something for everyone!

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Still Your Song - Goo Goo Dolls - I got this album on Monday, I do love a good bit of Goo, this album is good I would say its a grower and it is growing on me the more I listen the more I am picking up the ideas and thoughts behind the music

Darling Buds Of May - Brother - Such a sing along song, cant say I heard of them before this but I like what I have heard so far

The Roller - Beady Eye - Liam Gallagher is a prize winning twat and for that reason I hate that I like this song but I do so I'm dealing with it

Come To The Bar - Pete And The Pirates - If this is a taste of what's to come on the new album I'm excited, I loved the last album (Little Death) and can see the next being an instant hit

Sexy In Latin - Little Man Tate - This song seems so familiar, I found it randomly on spotify and I love it, I can imagine it in a film like Run Fat Boy Run, it kinda sounds like late 90's indie, or is that just me?

Oxygen - Hadouken! - little bit whey! I love the beat to this song, can imagine being in a sweaty club dancing hard to this, it is slightly reminiscent of a Does It Offend You Yeah? track, you cant beat a crazy arse beat like this!

Gold Gun Girls - Metric - I love the vocals on this, the synths and drum beat only maximise the appeal of this band

I Need A Doctor - Dr Dre, Eminem, Skylar Grey - Skylar Grey's voice on this song is haunting, and I pretty much love anything by Eminem at the moment, his songs seem darker in a good way. this song tells a story, I love a good story! as for Dre well I can take or leave him to be honest...

Coming Home - Diddy Dirty Money, Skylar Grey - I didn't really want to be all samey and have 2 tracks with the same artist on but I just adore Skylar's voice, it is gorgeous, a super talented little lady I an uber jealous! and Diddy well the man just got it!

Home - Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Seven - Going to see these guys next weekend, they are a kind of folksy, happy go lightly band.I think it will be a chilled kind of gig but epicly amazing because I'm going with some of my favourite people, its a London gig so we are going to make a weekend of it, I haven't seen some of them for ages and I'm very excitedly counting down the days.

Ghosts - Laura Marling - some of you may have seen Miss Marling collecting a Brit award and thought "who is she?" I love her chilled out acoustic folk sound, it is simple, beautiful and sometimes quirky

I'm Jim Morrison, I'm Dead - Mogwai - I was very jealous that someone at work went to go and see Mogwai the other day, branded the loudest live band they apparently pack a punch (not that I have ever seen them...Boo!) they have a new album out but this is still my favourite song, their music is so emotive, I like to read with it going in the background as it really helps me set a (tense) scene

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Hope you enjoyed this weeks playlist and maybe you discovered something new to your taste!

If you have any ideas for any themes let me know, also if you would like to submit a memory lane playlist like I did in week 2 please mail or tweet me, lets talk music people! 


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